Happy Ending for Duncan!

by Jennifer
(Akron, Ohio)

Duncan our Patagonian Conure

Duncan our Patagonian Conure

This is a story of one of the first rescues upon starting our Bird Rescue and Sanctuary. My sister and I run a Rescue in Akron and Barberton ohio. I am a certified Vet Assistant and I help our every bird in anyway I can!!

Duncan was and escapee who was found in Boston by an Avian Veterinarian. He was finally captured in a Duncan Donuts parking lot. (Where he aquired his name)

He was then given to a zoo keeper who had him for 8 years. Duncan was never a bird that was able to be handled. Due to the recent birth of her child she was unable to spend as much time as she previously had with him. She contacted many other rescues in the area to try to find him a home. They told her that Duncan was unattractive and nobody would want to adopt such a bird.

After contacting us as a final effort in re homing Duncan. She sent us all of his background information along with current health records and pictures of Duncan, we told her that he was beautiful and could not wait to meet him. She was so happy that we looked beyond his flaws and he now has his forever home in our sanctuary.

It took Duncan 3 long months of learning to trust and feeling comfortable enough to be handled. he will now let us pick him up and pet him. We are happy to report that Duncan is beginning to grow back new feathers every day. Duncan's previous owner is thrilled at the progress he has made. She now refers to us as "the bird whisperers" We send her pictures at every milestone. Duncan has inspired us to show people that even thought he may have flaws he is still worth the effort.

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