Happy Hut Warning

by Anonymous

My stepdaughter and her family had a Sun Conure who loved it's Happy Hut. She slept in it, snuggled with it and also chewed it a lot, often shredding it to string which caused them to replace it quite often.

They went out shopping one day to get another Happy Hut and when they got home they found their bird dead. It's feet had become entangled in the strings from the Happy Hut and it couldn't free itself. It either died from exhaustion or a heart attack.

Please be careful what you put in your birds' cage and if something gets broken or worn out, remove it immediately.

I have a Quaker parrot and one day he was out of his cage playing with a rubber wrist bracelet. He was chewing and throwing it up in the air having a good time. It's a good thing I was home because he flipped it over his head and it went down and over his body and he couldn't get it off. If I had not been there, he almost certainly would have died from fright or exhaustion.

Things that seem harmless to us could spell trouble for your bird.

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May 25, 2017
W e lost our Conure "Opie" in a Snuggle Hut
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately we must add to the tragic stories of the Happy Hut - or as we call them in America, Snuggle Hut. We woke this morning to find our beloved Conure entangled its threads. He was rushed to the vet but soon died of Hypoxia. These things should not be sold. there is no way to protect them from the dangers since you cannot see what they are doing in the hut 24/7. That's our story. His name was Opie.

May 18, 2017
I am so glad I was home to keep conure from strangeling
by: Anonymous

My conure was literally hung by thread from happy hut and was strangling and fighting for his life when I came in and had to cut him lose. Usually I am at work that time of day

Mar 29, 2017
Happy Hut= Death
by: Anonymous

We just had a second conure die. The autopsy showed a yellow felt that cause a backup in the intestines. Happy Hut was yellow. We never figured it out for bird one. Died of SAME THING but we replaced the old GREEN happy Hut with the yellow one. The last autopsy showed a green substance blocking that we never figured out what it was until now!!!

I am calling corporate and Petco where I got it.


Nov 24, 2016
Here is a safe happy hut to make at a fraction of the price
by: Anonymous

Hi please feel free to remove this if you want but I found this video to make a safe happy hut for parrots and it is so simple and a fraction of the price, it is made from polar fleece so no thread at all, I am placing the you tube link so if you would rather not have this post I don't mind if you delete it

Nov 15, 2016
Suffocation Hazard
by: Anonymous

Kalona, Mom's green-ckeeked conure, just almost died from our yellow happy hut. This afternoon, she found Kalona stuck in that little pocket on the bottom. She seriously thought Kalona was dead. But she of course did not want to bury her inside the happy hut. Suddenly she felt movement. Mom then cut her out of the pocket. She then threw the happy hut away. If it wasn't for her coming home earlier, Kalona would have suffocated. I will not rest until this company is seriously sued. TL/DR DO NOT BUY OR USE THE HAPPY HUT.

Oct 30, 2016
Very dangerous!
by: Anonymous

My bird Sunny, a house sparrow also died in one of those. What happened is that he was sleeping in it at night and he got his foot stuck in it. By the time I woke up he was in there dead. I am so sad. He lived from 2010-2016.

Jun 26, 2016
Death beds
by: Kristy and George

I came home from work about 8 months ago to find my 5 year old galah, George, sitting quietly in the corner next to his happy hut (we called it his tunnel and he used to love it. Slept in it, played in it, sweet talked to it etc) for anyone who has ever had a cockatoo parrot you know when you get home and they aren't jumping up and down excited to see you something is wrong. He was caught by threads around his neck and lucky he had a perch right next to his hut, because he was so tired and dehydrated from being stuck there all day. I had to cut him out and never gave him another tunnel. Further to this, about 6 months ago George started chewing a big hole in his chest. I took him to a bird vet.... Long story short he had ingested fibres from the happy hut and they had become stuck in his crop which turned into a hard mass and caused cancer in his stomach. I had to say goodbye 3 months ago to my best friend who I should have had another 50 years with. George is now buried under a big gum tree and not snuggling under my chin because I thought a happy hut was ok - I mean they say they are made for birds. If your bird has one take it out now. I wish I knew how dangerous these things are before it cost me my companion.

Apr 24, 2016
Happy Huts for Birds
by: Anonymous

Please be aware that the product "Happy Huts" which are advertised as a bird product, are actually very unsafe for pet birds. All four of my birds absolutely loved their Happy Huts, and I believed they were a great product for keeping them warm at night. However two days ago my beloved baby cockatiel, Daisy had to be put down after she developed severe anorexia, anemia and acute kidney failure. An autopsy revealed a huge foreign body which had accumulated in her stomach from ingesting dark green fibres. I instantly recognised the dark green fibres as belonging to her Happy Hut. A quick Google search revealed numerous other cases and warnings about birds dying after ingesting fibres from the Happy Huts, or from being caught up in loose threads. Our family is devastated by the untimely loss of our baby bird. I have emailed Multipet International who are the designers and distributors of Happy Huts, urging them to stop targeting these huts towards birds. Unfortunately it is too late for our little girl, however other birds and owners do not have to suffer the same ordeal.

Jan 31, 2016
RIP George
by: Sherry C

I lost my 4 year old conure to a happy hut. During the night he got hung by his neck from a loose thread. I always checked his hut for loose threads but it wasn't enough. I wish they would ban these huts!

Jan 14, 2016
faux fur happy hut?
by: Anonymous

i'm so sorry to hear of all these unnecessary deaths, i had love bird for 15 years and he was fine with his lil happy hut so now when i'm about to get my first caique i purchased another larger happy hut, this one has a faux fur lining. Would this be a more suitable lining than the more fluffier lining? i'm now terrified to let my lil use it.

Editor's note: If your bird is the type to chew things, no fabric should be in the cage.

Oct 30, 2015
Kiki Is Dead
by: Amy Gallastegui

I found my 8 year old Beautiful Baby Girl Sun Conure Dead Yesterday. She had apparently gotten her foot caught in the material. I am now tormented every moment by the thought of her calling for me and I didn't hear her. This device is a death trap for birds. They like them so much that you will not know if they are caught, unless they are strong enough in the beginnings of their struggle to call out for you. Kiki didn't have to die. She had 10 + years ahead of her. Please, does anyone know the manufacturer or other steps they discovered to remove this product and others like it OFF THE MARKET?? Nothing will bring her back, but I will not rest until I get these products pulled off every shelf in every pet store in the country.

Oct 22, 2015
RIP Pipsqueak - Happy Hut Victim
by: Meagan Bare

I just lost my 8 year old black-headed caique to a happy hut. He apparently had partially chewed through one of the hanging "strings". It snapped while he was laying inside it, his beak got caught in the fibers, and it snapped his neck. He loved his happy hut but I will never ever purchase another happy hut... poor bird was taken far too soon. My kids are distraught. I took to facebook to review this product, to find out that happy hut does not have a facebook product page... does anyone know who their parent company is?

Aug 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for this. We just bought one for Kiwi, my green cheek conure, and after reading all this I really don't want to give it to him. I also think that Happy hut should be taken off the market. Any thing that poses a threat to any bird, even if it has a warning should not be give to them. If you have a happy hut PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IT TO YOUR PARROT!!! And if your thinking of buying one PLEASE DON'T!!! HAPPY HUT POSES A HUGE THREAT TO YOUR BIRD, AND I WOULDN'T WANT ANYTHING HAPPENING TO MY KIWI. I'M SURE YOU DON'T WANT ANYTHING HAPPENING TO YOUR BIRD.

Aug 06, 2015
Sun Conure Death.
by: Anonymous

Last night my Sun Conure got her head stuck in a loose string, and I found her dead this morning. I had just replaced the hut two weeks ago, as she was chewing holes through the bottom. Please do not use the "Happy Hut" with your parrots

Mar 24, 2015
bad happy hut
by: Anonymous

My bird's foot got stuck in the happy hut and pulled off a nail he was fine for 4 day then he pulled of the other nail. We had to put him down.
I WILL NEVER get one of these again.

Dec 17, 2014
Wasn't convinced of the warnings until now
by: Anonymous

I've had my green cheek for 2 months and he moved into the happy hut straight away - loved sleeping it and loved playing on top of it. He didn't shred it to bits so I thought it would be safe, despite reading the warnings online. THen I got home from work today and found him stuck to the top of it because one of his toenails got caught in one of the loose bits of string. I managed to untangle him, but not without a lot of biting. When he got unstuck he immediately did a big poop he'd probably been holding in so he didn't soil his bed - who knows how long he'd been stuck like that. I could have come home to a very different scenario...
Have immediately taken out the hut and will never have something like that in there again.

Jun 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

Mine chews his up. But he also loves it and sleeps in it. He has got his foot stuck.. caught between the bottom and top layer.. and tonight got string around his neck.. Luckily I have been home every time.. I keep buying them because he loves them so.. Which I could find a safe alternative.

Dec 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

My bird chewed a hole in the bottom of his Happy Hut and crawled inside. He then made his way up to the side and became trapped within the lining. When I got home I couldn't find him anywhere. Thankfully I figured it out. I had to cut him out with a pair of scissors. He was terrified but is fine now.

May 18, 2012
Happy hut accidents
by: Tracie

I think you need to know your bird, personally. Some species are chewer/shredder birds and others are not. Some birds chew and shred and others do not. If you put a tent in the cage and the bird starts chewing on it, remove it and don't put it back in.

We have a small tent in with our Bourke's parakeet. It has been in there for years, it looks brand new. We had a tent in with our green cheeks without issue but removed it when one of the birds started laying eggs.

The fleece idea mentioned here is GREAT!

May 18, 2012
I had a Happy Hut but now make my own
by: Belinda & Luigi (The Quaker)

I had a happy hut and Luigi my quaker went through them like mad chewing them until threads were hanging. I read stories about parrots dying being strangled etc (I am lucky I never had this horrid experience)... I decided to make an identical one out of fleece (infact I made 8 fleece huts for the price of 1 happy hut.) he loves it just the same as the happy hut infact identical except for the fabric, it is just as comfy and snuggly and chewable, but when he chew it, it comes away in clumps falls to the floor and gets thrown out it does not become thread bare or stringy. Why don't Happy hut make them out of fleece instead of dangerous thready stuff. fleece would be cheaper than that fluffy stuff too...I am sure it would. I wish I had the address of the company that makes the happy hut so I could write to them and get them to change the material to fleece.

May 16, 2012
Happy Hut Warning
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your letter. In my opinion, the happy huts need to be taken off the market because they pose a real threat to a bird's life. Anything that is made of cloth of any kind poses a threat to the birds, and it can come in many forms like death by being tangled in string or death by eating the material. Either way, the bird dies because of it.

A Conure or any other bird does NOT need a happy hut at all, and I encourage people to just use a light cover over bird's cage at night to give a feeling of security. Make sure you use a lightweight cover like polyester and leave a few inches at the bottom for air circulation. To keep bird from chewing on it, put it on right before bedtime and remove it first thing in the morning BEFORE doing anything else. Some birds do not chew their covers, and these instructions are for those that do. Our Amazons' are covered every night after dark when time for bed around 9pm. Cover is removed first thing in morning and so far we've had no problems with them chewing it.

I'm SO sorry about the loss of the precious little bird, and I hope lots of people read both our letters to avoid this happening again. The happy huts are not safe for any bird because of the fabric and strings. Also, use ONLY cotton rope in a three-ply for hanging toys. The cotton is less apt to get tangled around the feet and legs, though it can. All toys have to be checked every single day, and if they are badly frayed, then they need to be replaced. The nylon rope commonly used for store bought toys is very dangerous because it has no "give" to it in case bird gets a bit tangled in it.


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