hard crop on budgie

by Stefania

my young budgie who is now about 4 months old and is starting to molt..

i have 2 birds a kakariki and a budgie.

the other day the small budgie food was done with. and there were at least 3 or 4 days where the budgie had to try eat the bigger food which we usually gave the kakariki.

then i finally bought the budgie food and the little budgie was very very happy.

but as i often check the front on my budgie everyday to check if theres anything broken or wrong since she is still learning how to fly and often ends up crashing on a wall.

today i found my budgies crop (i suppose since its above the sternum (hard thingy on the stomach) )
i found the crop being big and hard. so what im wondering is.. i know sooner is better but im wondering if theres a time limit ?

like should i take it to emergency right now or can i wait untill the vet opens on monday ?