Harmful bush for my cockatoo

by Jolyne
(Struthers Oh)

My umbrella cockatoo loves to go to my Rose of Sharon bush that I have in my yard. It is a great bush because I keep it trim and it is small but it has a lot of branch's for Elton to climb on. Once in awhile he will tear the bark, and I want to make sure that this bush isn't harmful to him.

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May 19, 2009
Rose of Sharon
by: Linda

According to an Avian vet, Rose of Sharon is a member of the Hibiscus family and Hibiscus is considered safe. However, Rose of Sharon, in particular, IS toxic, and I'd stop letting the Cockie tear it up for fear of getting toxic juices from it.

There are safe and unsafe lists on the internet by doing a google search on safe and unsafe wood for parrots. Any tree or bush that has ever been sprayed with fungicides, pesticides and/or growth hormones is NOT safe. Any trees or bushes close to a common road, street or avenue are unsafe because of carbon monoxide from cars, tractors, etc.

Fruit trees are normally not considered safe unless they have never been sprayed. Citrus is usually sprayed as is Apple. I have used apple tree branches, but these were in unsprayed form. Also be sure to scrub any moss or fungus off branches and let them cure (dry) for some months before using. Lumbar bought in a supply store like Lowes or Home Depot are always cured with chemicals and are unsafe.

As for pesticides and fungicides, this includes any that have been placed in drilled holes in tree trunks or on the ground so that trees can draw it up into their branches. If you are not sure a tree or bush is safe, or if you don't know if it has ever had chemicals on or in it, don't use it.

More information can be found on the net, and it is suggested you do a little research.

Good Luck!

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