harnesses for amazon ?

by lindy&luci
(kirby cross)

i have a 2 year old amazon called luci who ive had from a baby. Ihave tried her with all sorts of feather teathers. approached this matter with her with patience she hates them all she does is eats them but loves being outside with me.she doesnt try to fly away just sits with me really happy apart from the harness.2yrs on shes never going to get used to it.such a struggle can anyone recommend anything else thanks lindy

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Aug 20, 2009
Harnesses and Amazons
by: Linda

I recommend you forget all about harnessing any parrot. For one thing, I know from a lot of experience, the Amazons don't even like to be petted that much, and the harness is uncomfortable and I think cruel.

What you need to do when you take bird outside is first, take him to Avian vet and have his Primary flight feathers clipped. MAKE SURE ONLY THE PRIMARY FEATHERS ARE CLIPPED, AND THEY ARE THE LONG ONES AT THE END OF THE WINGS. If feathers are cut up any higher it can cripple birds and it hurts them.

Once the vet has trimmed his 6 Primary flight feathers ONLY, he will not be able to fly anywhere but gently down to the ground.

I know the pet stores and catalogs sell these horrible harnesses, and I'm saying that they are cruel and unusual punishment when clipping a bird's primary feathers will keep them from flying away. Once bird's feathers are clipped, be wary of any dogs or cats around you as they will be able to get your bird and kill it. Anytime you have a pet bird outdoors, you must be very careful of dogs, cats, traffic and on and on. Also, never put your bird up on a tree branch as this is a good way to get poisoned or hurt.


Editor's note: Even with properly clipped wings, many birds get lift from a breeze and are never seen again. A harness is kinder than your bird being lost and and eventually getting eaten.

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