Harrison's Power Treats with Organic Palm Fruit Oil is a Tasty, Toasty Treat.

Harrison's Power Treats are a tasty healthy treat for your parrot.

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HARRISON'S POWER TREATS with Organic Palm Fruit Oil.

Can make up to 30% of certain bird's total daily diet. Recommended use: A tasty, toasted, healthy treat for companion birds. Can be used to aid in weaning, changing a bird's diet from seed to Harrison's Bird Foods or for birds that need extra fat and sugar following an illness.

Palm fruit oil comes from a miniature palm tree originally grown in Brazil. This oil is far different from palm kernel oil.

Providing birds with a nutritionally balanced diet does not always service all of the nutritional requirements of certain individuals. There are many nutrients in wild foods that we have yet to discover and it is impossible to replicate wild diets for birds that are maintained in captivity. For whatever reason, some birds are more susceptible to disorders associated with a compromised immune system.

In an attempt to improve the immune system of birds, Dr Harrison has been searching for a new product that will be of benefit. During extensive searches for a natural compound, he discovered the benefits of palm oil extracts. Harrison's Bird Foods has now combined certified organic extracts of palm oil with their Power Treats. Feeding trials have been underway in the USA and The Netherlands for three years. Many benefits of this new product are already evident.

Harrison's Power Treats Positive features: 1. high antioxidant content (vitamin E and coenzyme Q10) 2. high carotenoid content (precursors to vitamin A) 3. good balance of essential fatty acids 4. high antibacterial and anti parasitic properties due to the presence of lactoferrin.

Indications: -Dry flaky skin (beak, nails), balding of the feet, lack of sheen and proper color to feathers. -Most aging birds on formulated diets benefit from it. -Some members of certain species known to eat high oil diets do better with this oil in their diet. For example African Grey Parrots, Hyacinth Macaws and Palm Cockatoos. -There seemingly is an increase in reproductive activity. Since this is considered normal, it is not considered a detrimental side effect. Nor has the product yet to be shown to increase reproduction rates in birds fed the product. -Preliminary results have shown two cases of juvenile cataracts to have regressed.

Contraindication: -Studies showed birds on a SEED DIET supplemented with only palm fruit oil developed fatty liver. Power Treats with palm fruit oil need to be part of an otherwise balanced diet, not just a supplement for seeds.

Feeding Directions: Can be served dry, moistened, cold, warm or crushed.

Suggested daily HARRISON'S POWER TREAT with ORGANIC PALM FRUIT OIL amounts: One piece of Power Treat per three pieces of course ground food. Small birds 1/2 piece per day. Medium 3 pieces per day; Large 9 pieces per day. May make up to to 30% of diet.

Suggested daily HARRISON'S POWER TREAT amounts: Small birds.... 1/4 tsp Medium birds... 1 tsp Large birds.... 2 Tbs

Harrison's Power Treats - 1lb

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