Harvey Wallbanger, My beloved Uccello. - Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

by Bridget English
(Huntsville, AL)

Harvey on Bridget bird.

Harvey on Bridget bird.

Harvey on Bridget bird.
Prettyyyyy Boyyyy.
He lovessss his baths.
and is extremely playful!

Meet my amazingly wonderful, little yellow sided green checked conure parrot, Harvey. :) I'm 22 years old and to think i wanted a dog... Harvey beats having a canine companion any day. I inherited Harvey after one of my friends and his girlfriend split up, he also being one of my ex boyfriends. He claimed he didn't have the time and lifestyle to tend to Harv.

In the past I have had parakeets, but never a larger and more high maintenance birdie. It amazes me at how fast i could become so crazy about the little guy. I can have the worst of days, be in an irritated mood, and he makes all of the negative energy just disappear.

When i first got him, we had a 2 hour drive from Asheville, NC to Morristown,TN. It was as if he hated me! Biting me and not wanting anything to do with me. After a few days of just talking to him and him settling into his new environment was the beginning of our beautiful relationship. Now he loves him some Bridget, my nickname also being bird. :) fate.

In his cage, Harvey has an amazing personality, he chats quite a bit, on and on about who knows what. There is a toy hanging from the top of his cage with a bell at the end, when he plays with it, its as if he's cursing it out, too cute. He also gets excited and bobs up and down uncontrollably. I enjoy watching him from time to time, he gets excited and just does laps in his cage. Here there and everywhere. Dangling from the ropes and chains of his toys, crawling across the top of the cage upside down while scraping his beak as he goes along, while talking to himself. <3
After a while of being cooped up in his cage he doesn't hesitate to let you know he's ready to come out for some action. Specially after he's gotten his good nights sleep, he feels i should get up and get going on his schedule, which really doesn't bother me a bit.

Out of the cage, Harvey is oneeee bigggg babyyy. In the mornings when i still want to lay down for a little bit, I will get the little loud booger and bring him back to the bed, he patiently sits on my pillow and preens away, occasionally going off to explore. He love love loveees to be out when I'm cleaning or just puttsing around in my room. If he sees I'm doing so and i haven't gotten him out, oh boy, he lets me know how angry he is.
I normally just open his cage door and let him do his thing for however long he'd like, as he gets into anything and everything he can. Make-up, ribbon, q-tips, pens, pencils, etc. I don't mind his exploring one bit, sometimes the things he gets into provide me with a good laugh and cheap entertainment.
One of his favorite spots is right on top of my head. He preens, picks at my bobby pins, hangs upside down if my hair is down, ruins my bump if I've just done my hair. haha, the little guy is a pest, but I absolutely love every minute of it.
He will also sit with my when i watch my tv shows, cuddling up on my shoulder, in my hair, or in the cress of my arm and doze off.

I recently moved to Alabama to go to school. A 4 hours adventure for Harvey and I, it was a late night drive, I hate that he was in his cage so I of course let him out, he went straight to my shoulder and hunkered down and went to sleep, the entireeeeee trip he sat in the same spot, occasionally waking up and ruuuubbing on me showing affection.

Harvey loves peanut butter and cheese! He is very very protective of me, and sometimes warms up to a few select people, but bites those he feels threatened to. When i have a drink sitting there, Harvey takes it upon himself to make whats mine, his as well. Prior to reading alcohol is bad for them, Harvey would even feel free to taste my beer and shots when i was lounging around the house. Oops.

He is also starting to talk, its like i have a child, when i first heard him say "HEY BABY" i was in shock and soooo excited! Now he practices alll the time! I guess he picked it up from me, I say hey baby to him, as well as the other animals, every time i walk in the door or stop to play.

I absolutely adore my feathered friend, he makes for a fine roommate, and more amazing company. I could ramble on and on about him. My facebook is covered with fun photos of him. He's one of a kind in my book. :)

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Jan 18, 2011
Great pics of your Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure
by: Tracie

Thanks so much for writing and sharing your story! I love your pictures and your information will help others. :-)

The love you have for your bird is obvious and makes me smile.

Jan 17, 2011
Harvey Wallbanger, My beloved Uccello. - Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure
by: Linda

You and Harvey's relationship is a very good one, and he trusts you to do the right thing all the time.

The only criticism I can offer here is to stop feeding him any peanut butter and cheese. Peanut Butter found in the grocery stores is full of very bad oils and lots of salt, and even that found in health food stores is not much better. Contrary to years of good opinions, peanut butter is very bad for people, dogs, and especially birds. Cheese is causing an imbalance in his diet, and the results will start showing up in time in a negative way.

We recommend organic pellets and the veggies they recommend to go with them, usually the dark green, yellow and orange varieties. Harrisons is the best one in my book and is Avian Vet endorsed. I've fed it to my Amazons for many years, and they are healthy and have nice skin and feathers.

Below is a link on how to go about changing a parrot from seed to organic pellets, and we recommend organic to avoid preservatives, dyes, pesticide/fertilizer residue that is found in non-organic brands. Tracie carries several kinds here, and we use the Harrison's mixed with a bit of Golden Feast's Goldn'obles for a variety. Veggies should only be 10-15% of total diet with NO people foods or drinks whatsoever. Sugar, salt and fat kill birds. Sugar and salt kill quickly while fat takes a while. Alcohol turns to sugar in our systems, and it does not take too much sugar to kill a smaller bird, so keep him away from milk, cola, alcohol, tea and coffee. Basically, give him treats made for birds and make sure he is eating a large portion of his diet in the organic pellets:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

It is wonderful to have a birdy with such personality as your Harvey, and I know you want to give him the best of everything to keep him bright, energetic and happy for all his life. Basics to happiness are exceptional diet and watching to make sure no toxic products are eaten. When he is out playing with all the items you mentioned keep in mind most of them are toxic for birds, and birds love to taste things, so keep a close eye on him when he's out of cage.

Thanks for writing,

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