hatching eggs

by Karen

How long does it take for an egg to hatch? We have a pair of breeding Bourkes and the female has sat on an egg before for a few weeks but the egg was broken and dead so we removed it, now she has laid another one we are wondering how long it will take? We are concerned about her being obsessed with sitting on the egg and getting a cyst on her chest which has happened to one of our budgies. Can you advise how to prevent this. Thanks.

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Aug 22, 2011
Bird sitting on egg
by: Tracie

If your bird does not have a male that bred her, then the egg will not hatch. (You didn't say, so thought I would mention it.)

Please read our Chronic Egg Laying article written by an avian vet for more information on caring of birds that lay eggs. Dr B says that if you take the egg away, she may keep laying more. So as long as she wants to sit on it, let her sit on it.

Also, make sure you are feeding a healthy pellet diet, I think for bourkes it is 70% pellets and 30% seed and treats. If you are feeding Harrison's pellets, then you will not have to worry about egg binding problems.

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