how long does it take for a genday/sun conure egg take to hatch? it has been approximately 3 wks this coming weekend since we noticed them, she is till rolling them and only comes out a few minutes a day, she has pushed all beddig out of breeding box, as far as i know this is her 1st cluth, they were givin to me, i don't even know how old they are.

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Oct 29, 2009
by: Linda

The above is a site where you can find a lot of information about the Jendays, and the Suns information is very similar.

If you are new to all this, you will need to get busy and STUDY, STUDY, STUDY about your new birds and how to work with the babies if you are needed. Sometimes parents take excellent care of their babies, and sometimes we have to intervene by hand-feeding some using a syringe.The link provided at the top also has a list of breeders as well as nest box sizes and general information about your birds. Find a good book or two so you can learn the basics about your bird's care, and they will need to be eating a pelleted diet like Harrisons. Wait to change them over until they are finished with babies, or you can add some pellets now and see if they will eat them as well. The babies need to be fed a highly nutritious diet which means the parents need it too. Tracie carries the baby parrot hand-feeding formula out here, and you'll need syringes with the tips on them for the actual feeding.She also carries the Harrison's products, and they make the best, highest quality organic food on the market.

All babies have to be weighed daily. You can do this by getting a bird scale because they need to be weighed in grams not ounces. If a baby does not gain weight every day, they are most likely getting sick and will need the services of an Avian vet to diagnose and prescribe meds for them. It is common for babies to get infections depending on how healthy parents are to start with and what happens afterwards.Grown Jendays weigh in at around 120 grams which can vary a little from bird to bird.

Your job now is to LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN ABOUT YOUR BIRDS. With the Jendays, both parents feed and care for the babies, so hopefully, they will do their jobs. You still need to know everything you can about your birds, so get started now. Each species of bird has special requirements as for caging, toys, perches, and food. Enjoy them by learning who they are. You'll need another cage once babies are weaned as parents may become testy with them later on. Do NOT give any of the babies away. Make sure people pay a little something for them. It's sad, but people given pets somehow don't think they have any value, so charge something for any and every pet sold to anyone at any time.


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