havea bluegold macaw just got a scarlet macaw

by kathy church
(terre haute,in)

i have a blue gold macaw i just got a scarlet macaw how do i go about getting them use to each other

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Mar 21, 2013
havea bluegold macaw just got a scarlet macaw
by: Linda

Congratulations on having two of these magnificent creatures!!!

Make sure they have separate cages, and you'll want to keep them in separate cages forever. The other alternative is a double Macaw cage with a divider in the middle, but they are really too small for two Macaws with the divider in the middle. I have one for two Amazons, and their space is limited by the divider, so stick with a couple of roomy cages.

Also, make sure the new bird is examined by an Avian Vet right away because infections are highly contageous and your other bird can be infected. Take birds to only an Avian Vet because they are the only vets licensed and trained in bird care.

As for them getting acquainted, you'll want to take it slow. There will probably be some jealousy to deal with, so take things slowly. When they come out of cage at same time, make sure you are right there all the time they are out to keep things friendly. These birds are too big to take any chances with. Your Scarlet will be a bit more aggressive than the B&G and that includes with humans as well. The Scarlets are not recommended as family birds meaning smaller children because they are more aggressive and more likely to decide to bite or attack anyone they don't like. Little children make parrots nervous because of their quick movements and lack of control.

Also, keep both birds off your shoulders because this gives them too much easy access to your face. Just keep in mind everything you've learned about Macaws with the B&G and be extra careful with the Scarlet until it trusts you completely which can take quite a bit of time. Do not rush anything, and keep relaxed, and the birds will sense your relaxed feelings and go with the flow so to speak. All the birds can be dangerous, and this is especially true with the Scarlets.

If you can get the Scarlet to the Avian Vet within the first few days, this will help the other bird to not become infected with any infections. Infections are common because the stress of changing homes brings down the immune system where they are easily infected.

Keep us posted because we are here for you and your lovely birds.

Thanks for writing,

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