He won't eat treats

by GB
(Jacksonville, FL)

Four days ago we bought an 8-month-old green cheek conure from a pet store. He eats Zupreem brand pellets, but he has no interest in the "treats" we were told to add to his diet. He has a cuttle bone and millet in his cage. But he won't eat nuts, fresh fruit or the dried fruits, nuts and veggie mix we bought at the store. is the Zupreem enough? at what point should we worry?

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Jan 04, 2012
thanks for your help
by: GB

After having him home for a week or so, he started doing all the things we expected he should be doing ... he began eating fresh fruits and veggies as well as the dried fruits ... and per your advice, we're in the process of switching to roudybush pellets

Dec 23, 2011
Bird won't eat treats
by: Tracie

It is fine that your bird does not want the treats, but I strongly suggest you switch your bird to a better pellet diet. Zupreem is a very poor quality food, high sugar and chemicals.

Our avian vet suggests you feed your bird at least 80% Harrison's or Roudybush pellets and 20% healthy treats or seeds.

We have some articles on health and training on our Parrot Training page you may want to read.

Also, if you decide to switch your bird to a different pellet, you will need to offer both until the bird starts eating the new pellet. Once you see the bird eat the new pellets, even if he doesn't prefer them, you can JUST offer the healthy pellets from morning until afternoon, and then add any healthy treats. This helps the bird eat the pellets and not fill up on treats.

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