Head bobbing

by Ashley

My Jenday Conure will sometimes sit on mine or my husband's shoulder and start bobbing his head up and down and puff out all of his feathers. Sometimes, there really seems to be no reason for him doing this.

Other times, he does this when we are talking to him or eating something he wants to eat also. I was just wondering, why does he do this? It's very entertaining and cute as all get out. He makes this movement quite often along with the puffing of his feathers and I was just wondering WHY he does this?

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Oct 17, 2012
Head bobbing
by: Simon

Hi we have a little green cheek and she does the same and so does my Congo grey. It sounds like your fid. is regurgitating for you which basically means she loves you and is trying to feed you as she has bonded with you. Although this can sometimes result in half eaten food ending up on your shoulder ( yuk) lol you are now one of the flock:-)

Si x

Oct 14, 2012
head bobbing
by: Anonymous

Means your bird is happy when he's doing it while being interacted with.

If he's doing it while in his cage, it means he wants your attention.

It's a bird's way of trying to communicate to you how he feels. :D

Oct 13, 2012
Head bobbing
by: Linda

It's his way of having a good time with you, and letting you know that HE IS SO VERY CUTE!

Parrots have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, so they always want to be center of attention if possible, and he is true to his parrot family.

Do not feed him table food or any other people food as these are usually filled with fat, salt, sugar and condiments too rich for his simple digestive system. If you want to have a healthy bird for life, change him over to 100% high quality nutrition like Harrisons pellets. Harrisons is made from all organic ingredients and is cold extruded instead of using heat. Thereby leaving all the vitamins, minerals and proteins birds need to grow and be healthy for all their lives. Harrisons is carried here, and they also make a tasty bird bread mix in 3 flavors for times when you want to give him a treat and one that is excellent for him. It can also help in the changeover from either seeds or junk pellets like ZuPreem or Lafaeber's. Below is link on how to go about the change as it does take time. Make sure he is not being overfed with table foods or other treats because this will interfere greatly with the change for a healthier diet.


The Harrisons will be 80-85% of total diet once he is changed completely over to it. There is 10-15% left for dark green, yellow and orange veggies in small amounts a few times a week. The bird bread will help him get used to the taste of the pellets, and is a healthy treat that can be given in smaller amounts everyday along with the pellets. I bake mine in loaf dishes, cool it, slice it, wrap it in either saran wrap or waxed paper and put into freezer bags. I take out what birds will eat in a week and give it to them a few times a week. When weaning to the pellets, bird can have bird bread mix as up to 30% of the diet if you don't add anything extra to the mix. Get the Sunshine Factor's organic Red Palm oil for the oil mix calls for and whole eggs. I think the Palm oil is also found here. It is a cold pressed oil, so has to be warmed a bit in a little dish of warm water until it's a liquid. Keep in refrigerator after opening the oil, the bird bread and the pellets as none of them have any dangerous chemical preservatives.

Keep having a wonderful time with your little clown!


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