head drooping

by Carlene
(Los Angeles, CA)

I am watching a Conure that belongs someone who is away on vacation. Before the owner left he told me that he is looking for a home for this bird and that his neck has been injured.

I know nothing about birds, but luckily I have a friend/neighbor who does. She came to see the bird and was shocked by all the tubes that had not been preened. She suspects that maybe he doesn't have an injury, but that this bird needs to be preened.

Please let me know your thoughts


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Jun 07, 2011
bird with head drooping
by: The Avian Vet

This bird is probably sick and needs medical attention. He should be seen by an avian veterinarian as soon as possible. Not preening indicates that he is not feeling well enough to do so, or he is injured and can?t preen.. Either way he needs medical attention.

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Dr B

Jun 06, 2011
head drooping
by: Linda

Before you offer to care for another person's bird, it would be good to know everything about that type of bird. It would also be good to have owners sign a release form giving you permission to take bird to an avian vet for treatment if necessary. You cannot take this bird to an avian vet without this release signed and dated by the owners, so even if bird is hurt or sick, you are stuck watching it die. I am sorry for you.

If they said his neck is injured, then why have they not already taken him to an avian vet. Maybe they have. Unopened feaher shafts are no big deal as they will eventually pop off anyway. What is the big deal here is that you were not educated about caring for this bird, and it sounds like neither has the neighbor.

Once the owners are back, make sure you ask them if this bird has been examined by an avian vet to see what is wrong with neck. If they say it's never been to avian vet, then this is a serious case of neglect.

If there is a next time, do a lot of study before taking care of anymore birds of any kind because it is important that you know when a bird may be sick or injured. You also need to get to know the bird before owners go away. Lastly, always, always get them to sign a release to treat form before they leave. If they will not do this, then they do not care enough about their bird to be honored with its presence in their lives. Sorry to sound harsh, and it is a giant pet peeve of mine how many birds are neglected in homes across the US where there are plenty of Avian Vets, good food and the internet to learn from. There is NO excuse for not getting a sick or injured bird the medical services it needs. If a person cannot afford an avian vet for a bird or a regular vet for a dog or cat, then please do not have these creatures in your homes because they will all need to see a bird or dog/cat doctor at some point and to not take them is a crime legally and morally.

Thanks for writing,

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