Head twitching (african grey)&parrot gathering?

I have a 6 month old african grey parrot. Her head kinda of in between a shake and a twitch.Is this normal? I did brought her to a avian doctor to get a check up and got all the blood test done to her and the doctor said she is fine everything came back negative. I feed her mix food. fresh fruits. A bag of diet pellets the store gave me when i purchased her,Zupree Fruit Pellets, i also boil some potatos,carrots and beans and mash it together for her dinner. Is something wrong with the food i give her?

And also i live in New York, Is there such thing as bringing your parrot to a gathering event? like how they have it for dogs. If so please list.

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Sep 14, 2008
ear twitching
by: k.bewry

my grey twitches her head only when i talk to her,my voice is quite high pitched,i have been told this is quite usual with african greys?

Jun 18, 2008
Head twitching in Greys
by: The Vet

Yes, the food is not good. It has lots of sugar and artificial everything. You need to feed Harrison's High Potency pellet and this should be 80% of her diet. The other 20% should be treats, especially fresh vegetables.

The head twitching is common in greys. It can be caused by a noise that she doesn't like maybe. I see it frequently in greys.

However, the things that can cause this behavior that are considered illness include ear infection, head pain, calcium deficiency, and reactions to the sugars and artificial ingredients in the ZuPreem.

Dr B

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