by alice

my eastern rosella appears unwell
he is 16years old and has started to fall off his perch he is sleeping a lot at the bottom of his cage and has not whistled in a few days
whats wrong and what can i do

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Feb 07, 2009
Bird died
by: Tracie

Oh Alice, I am so sorry! I know that no words I can say will make it better. Thanks for letting us know though.


Feb 07, 2009
by: alice

thanks for your reply i did take ozzie to the vet got some treatment for him but he has sadly just died thanks for your help

Feb 05, 2009
Sick bird
by: Tracie

Hello Alice,

You need to take your bird to an avian vet, even if that means you have to drive a few hours. Your bird needs to be examined by an avian vet to find out what is wrong and have a treatment prescribed.

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