by Bonnie

I have had my Mitred Conure for about 20 years. When I bought her from a pet store (which is now out of business) she was not very nice. There were other bird cages on top of hers and she was on the bottom. She has always had a terrible fear of hands and would bite them.

I have loved her and have taken excellent care of her even though she did not want to be touched. She would take food from my lips when she was in the mood, but I have also left bleeding as I backed away.

In the last 2 months she has began to change. She has decided to sit on my shoulder and she even lets me pet and scratch her with my hands. This is the miracle that I have been waiting 20 years for. The problem is she also seems to be losing her balance at times.

She has always eaten seeds mixed with sunflower seeds, corn and a variety of other small seeds for conures, as well a a variety of fresh fruit. Now she will eat the fruit and the small seeds, but she is not eating the sunflower and the corn (which was her favorite). She looks excellent, she does not pluck her feathers.

She is a beautiful bird. She has also stopped flying to me since she has started losing her balance. I have scheduled an appointment at the vet to look and make sure she is O.K., but I was wondering if you have heard of this, or is this just her getting old.

In summary, I have had her for 20 years. She has started losing her balance and is not eating the same as she was. Her droppings look good. Is this what happens as Conures age, or is there more likely a underlying medical issue? This is also at the same time she has decided to be very loving and affectionate. Thank you for any help you can give me regarding my Charolette.

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Feb 17, 2009
Conure losing balance
by: The Vet

This could be a medical problem. You will want to go to an avian veterinarian who can diagnose this problem. It may be nutrition related, OR it may be more serious. A regular dog-cat veterinarian is not going to be able to help you.

The bird should be on a healthy 80% pellet diet, like Harrison's, with the remaining 20% consisting of healthy treats.

Dr B

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