by padma

I am living in India. I have a yellow crowned amazon who is 1 year old. He suddenly has sneezing and runny nose. When I took him to a vet he gave me medicine. Even after taking medicine according to the advise of the Vet, he still has runny nose. He pants sometimes Otherwise he is very active. Can you suggest me what I can do to solve my parrot's runny nose issue.



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Jun 19, 2013
by: Sandra D Singh

Padma, I'm so sorry for your bird and you; I know how much you'd be worrying for him. You've already gone to a vet and have given him the prescribed medication, there's nothing you can do but wait until the medication starts working.
I only hope that it was an AVIAN VET and NOT a vet for dogs and cats because they know NOTHING about our dear little birds. If it was NOT an Avian Vet, please find an AVIAN VET and take him AT ONCE; DON'T DELAY. Take NO CHANCES with your dear little bird, thank you.
I can't suggest anything else other than what I've mentioned above. I do hope that your bird gets well soon, you take care and God bless.

Jun 18, 2013
runny nose
by: Alex

Your bird most likely has a respiratory infection and WILL NOT get better without proper veterinary attention from an avian vet ASAP.

Birds die quickly from illnesses and things like a common cold that we can fight off can kill a bird as their respiratory systems are tiny compared to ours and their immune systems are a lot weaker than ours.

This is serious as the bird also appears t be in respiratory distress evident by panting.

Jun 17, 2013
by: Linda

You will have to find an Avian Vet in your driving area because dog and cat vets do not know the first thing about diagnosing birds nor do they know how to safely treat them. Your bird is not getting well because the meds are not the right ones for whatever kind of infection bird has.

There is no other advice to be given because your bird has to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an avian vet only.

Thanks for writing,

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