Heart broken - irn died

by melissa
(south africa)

hi there i found my parrot - indian ring neck dead this morning. milo had blood in his right nostrel and his right leg was straight, while the other one was completely tucked in.
please can someone tell me what might of happened to my baby

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Feb 01, 2013

Thank you so much, I miss Milo so much the house feels so empty without Milo being around.I am lost and still very heart broken

Jan 31, 2013
Heart broken - irn died
by: Linda

So very sorry for your loss. The sudden death of our birds and other pets leave us wondering and are more painful than knowing one was sick to begin with.

It sounds as if your bird had either a heart attack or severe stroke from the way bird was "frozen into place".

The only way to know for sure what killed him is to have an Avian Vet do a Necropsy on your bird while body is still fresh. He can be put in refrigerator until you can get him to an avian vet, but do not wait long as the body and organs begin to deteriorate immediately. Do not put in freezer as freezing damages cells and evidence of what happened.

Again, my heart goes out to you, and am so sorry this happened to your little bird!


Jan 30, 2013
Indian Ringneck Owner...
by: Anonymous

Omgoodness. I am so sorry, when I saw this posting I was so saddened. I have an 8 month old and I can't imagine what you are going through. The best way to find out exactly what happened, you need to get a Necropsy, it will actually give you a peace of mind to know exactly the cause of death. I am no expert but sounds like a seizure of some kind. It can be anything. You will get advice through here but really...go see if you have time to get this done. I have two parrots and if this would happen, it would be exactly what I would have done.

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