Heat Advice

by Alex
(London, UK)

We are currently experiencing a heatwave, which has been going on for more than a week and various warnings have been issued.

We are experiencing temperatures at around 30-32c which is in the late 80s in f, which is unusual for the UK, especially for so long.

We are not used to these sort of temperatures.

We re currently on level 3 out of 5 on warning level and we have been told that we my get level 5, which is classed as "EMERGENCY". This is when we are advised to stay indoors.

My budgies are very warm to the touch of an evening after the Sun has gone down, and this worries me as my budgies are English born, so are not use to high heat, unlike their Australian cousins.

What I wish to know is what signs to look out for, and advice when to seek urgent medical attention.

Thank you

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Jul 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

That's really mild compared to what I live in.

You can do things like put a wet towel or sheet or blanket over 1/2 of their cages. This will create a bit of a cooler & humid spot for them, it'll be a bit more comfortable.

Put water in bird bowls & freeze. Place other bird bowls inside the frozen bowl. This will be refreshing for food & water for them.

I have a reticulation hooked up outside on the roof of my bird cages. It turns on twice a day & my birds love it.

When the temperature starts to get around 45 degrees I don't put my birds outside until the late afternoon.

Make sure if your birds are outside they have access to to shade at any part of the day.

You might be surprised to find those temperatures you have mentioned, your birds may enjoy. Those temperatures are our spring temperatures & my birds live outside during that time to get as much fresh air & sun before it gets too hot in summer.

You can also put lots of fresh branches in their cage. This will cool down their area.

I am sure your budgies will be fine :) Although English born, they're a very hardy bird & adapt well to all situations given the chance.

Good luck.

Jul 16, 2013
Advice for budgies living outdoors
by: The Avian Vet

Be sure not to put them in the direct sun. Keep them in temps below 90ºF. If they become over heated they will pant, open mouth breath, hold their wings from their body, and sleek their feathers. If you see these signs, cool them immediately with water mist, and rubbing alcohol on their feet.. Heat can kill a little budgie quickly. If your bird becomes unconscious, then seek veterinary assistance immediately.

Dr B

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