Heather - bird with drooping eye lid

my baby cockatiel(9weeks old)has a drooping lower eye lid and a blood bubble on it,its on the side away from the nostril, so looks like its not the third eyelid, giving it avicycline and mild warm salt wash 2 or 3 days times daily, happened 1 day ago, could this be a scratch injury or something more serious?

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Jun 01, 2009
Bird with eye problem
by: The Vet

Discontinue using over the counter medications. They will not help and may make things worse, in addition will make diagnosing the problem very difficult.

It sounds like a conjunctivitis and should be looked at by an avian veterinarian - now - as an emergency. Conjunctivitis could be from and injury or an infection. Ether way, avicycline is not going to help.

Are you using a sterile saline eyewash or making your own salt water flush. If you are making this yourself, this is not good for the eye. If is painful at best and can cause corneal desiccation if it is has a high salinity and cause infection if it is not sterile and designed for use in the eye.

Dr B

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