Help and advice on my rainbow lorikeet

by elaine
(sydney australia)

Hi there my name is elaine i have a rainbow lorikeet he is three in july. Ihave had him since he was 7wks old hand raised by a breader, he is a wonderful talker and is my baby.

Since about 7 months ago he has been biting really badly drawing blood then going in for another go. His flight feathers where clipped when he was a baby and took i while to grow back, i havent touched them since.

He becomes really aggresive and hostile when it comes to the kitchen and food he love cutlery and pots. Thats when the biting happens. I dont know where i have went wrong with him he wont even step up now, since having the baby might have put his beak out of joint. Could you give me any tips on what i can do should i trim his wings so he can be out more and have to rely on me for transport around the home. i wont give up on him i know he is still in there under that aggresion.

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Jun 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a beautiful rainbow lorry. But it has started randomly biting people. It doesn't bite its owner. I know the signs and it shows none of them. It even goes over to the person and sits on there shoulder and will bite them for no reason. Be it if they were trying to get them off or not. He is 9 months old. Not sure of the sex.

Apr 15, 2010
Biting hard
by: Anonymous

Hi elaine. I have two rainbows one male one female. The female used to bite but has stopped in the last 6 months. When she did bite and bite hard i told her NO only because she knows the word and pointed my finger in her face. She is the funniest thing and great fun. Let her know whos boss they will still love you. Kris

Jan 05, 2009
Biting Rainbow Lorikeet
by: Tracie

Biting is always a difficult issue. Please read the articles we have on our Parrot Training page.

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