help - bird trust problem

by jay

yellow nape crashed into cage and now he dont trust me wat can i do he still climbs on my hand but he bluffs attacks and starts to squak very loud he takes food from my hand and drops it to the ground i love my baby but hes getting out of hand

my cat starteld him on his perch so he flew to the back bed room head first into his cage which resulted in him getting dazed on the floor i tried to help him and he bite me really hard broke skin and made me bleed and now i think hes angry with me thx

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Mar 16, 2011
help - bird trust problem
by: Linda

Follow Tracie's lead as she had some very good ideas. Cats usually leave parrots alone as I've had cats who ignored birds that were larger with big beaks. Cats who have hunted are a different story and will continue to stalk your bird until an opportunity arises where they get a chance at the bird. What happens in these cases is the cat is hurt, and the bird is as good as dead because any open wounds made by either cat's mouth or claws is deadly for the bird.

Here is how to work this where everyone can be safe and happy. You can buy or make a welded wire or strong gauge metal screen door for your bird's room. I say room, because he needs a safe place where he can be out of cage without worry about him flying all over the house with a cat chasing him. If you use welded wire, make sure squares are large enough so his toes can be easily pulled out because he will fly onto the door from time to time. You may or may not have to make some minor adjustments to get door to fit depending on age of your home. Your bird's wings will need to be clipped by an Avian Vet. Just the 6 long primary flight feathers on the ends of each wing will be enough to allow him to glide to the floor, but not fall like a rock. Do this AFTER you have the bird room set up complete with door. What this means for you is that you will have to go into your bird's room to be with him, so put a comfortable chair in there, but no pictures on the walls and no television or other dangerous items. There is a list of safe plants on this site, so you can decorate his room with a plant or two to make him feel more at home. Any plant feeding or bug killing needs to be done outside. Use only non-toxic plant sprays for bugs. He can even have an outside his cage perch set up or if his cage has a playtop, even better where he can spend more time out. Make sure he is ALWAYS in his cage at night or when you are leaving the house even for a few minutes.

Tracie has full spectrum lighting on this site, and these can be hung over cage a safe distance away so bird cannot reach either the fixture or the cord. We use an extension cord with our fixtures and tape the cords flat to the walls to make sure birds cannot get to them. When he is out of his cage, he needs someone keeping an eye on him. He needs the "real" full spectrum lighting a few hours a day, so you can find them here and at Fosters & Smith online as well. Do not get the kind that Home Depot and Lowe's carry because they are just colored and not the real deal.

As for trust, once you provide a safe place for him to be and show him that you care in this way, the trust will come back. Good Look and keep in touch.

Mar 15, 2011
Bird scared of cat
by: Tracie

I know you wrote about getting your bird to trust you again, so I suggest you read the articles on our Parrot Training page for ideas on helping your relationship with your bird.

The main problem I see here though, is that you allow your bird out of the cage with a cat. THAT is what caused this problem, so I feel I need to speak to that.

Cats have a bacteria in their saliva that will kill the bird. The bird may crash into something else and break a bone or knock itself out and the cat get it next time. The bird may lick something toxic and die, because it is allowed to fly around the house.

Again, I know you didn't ask for this advice, but honestly the cat caused the problem you wrote about, so you need to realize the problem will NOT go away if you insist on allowing your bird to share a room with a cat. The cat is not bad to want the bird, that is how God made the cat. But you have taken the responsibility to care for the bird, so keep the bird away from the cat at all cost.

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