Help birds get along

by Diana

Hi, we have a green cheek conure;she'll be 3 years old in sept. we recently purchase a sun conure and she is about 6-7 months. They are in separate cages still, side by side. The sun has been in our home for 3 days.
Jojo, our green cheek didnt seem to care to much anout having another birdie around, she has tried to get close to her slowly sometimes and bick and the suns tale feathers. They hqven't show any agressive behavior at all, except that for the sun everything around is just new and she gets jumpy here and there.
When we hqve them out of their cages we keep an eye on both so nothing major happens.

Is there advice you could give me anout helping them to know each other and get along? And about how long would it take for them to get use to have each other around and we dont have to worry too much about fights and that?

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May 28, 2013
Help birds get along
by: Linda

Birds are kind of like people. Sometimes they will grow to like each other and sometimes not. So, since the younger bird has only been there a week, it will take at least several months before they can be trusted outside of cage together. Basically, the older bird will be the one to watch because there is some jealousy involved here. Once they are quite used to each other, you'll still need to watch them when out of cage. If their wings are not clipped then they need to be because birds flying around the house on their own is not recommended because of all the toxic stuff they can get into. If not toxic, then simply dangerous like mirrors, pictures with glass covers and so on. Flying into windows is also a way to crack a delicate little skull.

Also, we highly recommend new birds be examined b an Avian Vet within the first few days to a week. This is because a lot of birds come into our homes with infections of some sort, and these are highly contagious.

Keep us posted and thanks for writing,

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