help choosing first bird

by Carl

im looking to buy my first bird can u help dont know where to start

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Oct 24, 2013
Help choosing and caring for first bird
by: Tracie

I suggest you start with this Parrot Comparison Chart ​ so you can compare basic information about the different parrots. The information is general, because just like humans, no two birds are alike and noise, talking and life expectancy depends on way too many factors.

If you like the possibility of a talking bird, remember that they also have the ability to screech often also. All birds make messes, some hang on the side of the cage and squirt urine on the walls and floor. Some regurgitate on their toys and perches, and that has to be cleaned up often. I strongly suggest if you purchase an expensive bird, you visit the breeder often before buying. Drop in and see how they care for the birds, play with the birds, see if you can handle the noise, and by playing with different birds you may "connect" with one bird more than the others.

If the breeder doesn't take their birds to an avian vet to make sure they are healthy, then you can't be sure the bird you are purchasing is healthy or bred by healthy birds that passed down healthy genes.​​

It is generally suggested you start out with a small to medium sized bird, because the large birds generally need more specialized care and their large beaks can do permanent damage if you don't pay attention to their body language.

Once you have your bird, please visit the links below to better understand how to train and care for your bird.

Parrot Training page

Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list

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