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Nov 12, 2010
Help fido the green cheek!! Biting problem
by: Linda

If you are going to have birds, you cannot be afraid of them. They are, after all, so much smaller than you are that to be that afraid of a little conure is a bit much.

You and friend will have to go from where you are with the bird that was abused. All its trust was destroyed in one moment of anger with someone who should never have had their hands on the bird to start with. Never allow anyone to hold bird who does not know how to work with birds and this means ANY family members or friends.

To regain trust will take some time, and you may need to use a perch/stick to get bird in and out of cage. Wings also have to be clipped by an Avian Vet. If you have not taken both birds to Avian Vet already, then do so now because most new birds either have or get infections from all the stress of being moved into new homes. The diet needs to be organic pellets, no seeds, and 10-15% organic fruit and veggies. Feed no human food at all.

So, how to deal with a biting bird is to move gently INTO the bird when it latches onto you. This allows the bird to let go. When you pull away, the bird holds on harder and results in some nasty injuries. Control your reflex to pull away, and never, ever lose your temper or throw the bird away from you as this can result in bird's death at your hands. As for the man who hurt your bird, never let him near this bird again until he learns something about parrots and how to react when they bite. All parrots will bite at one time or another when they are mad, frightened, startled. Parrots are exotic wild animals and have to be studied and understood before a good relationship can be forged. Parrots are proud, forceful, headstrong and highly intelligent. Meak and quiet, they are NOT.

Be sure to take both birds to an Avian Vet as soon as is possible, and getting back trust will take however long it takes, so relax and love and respect these birds. You are very fortunate to be able to have them in your home, as they will make very good companions and friends as time goes on.


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