help help!!!!! sick budgie!!!!

by D'Andra Cardenas
(Beeville tx)

the yellow and green one is the one im talking about

the yellow and green one is the one im talking about

I barely go this budgie not to long ago, but i think she might be sick. She sits in the cage all fluffed up, sneezes every now and then has diarrhea sometimes not all the time. She eats constantly if i take the food out of the cage she is fine for like five minutes then starts pacing back and forth in the cage looking for food.
What does this mean? If she is sick is there anything i can do at home to get rid of what she has? I don't have any money to take her to a vet right now....... PLEASE HELP!!!!!
P.S. she might be a he im not sure.

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Nov 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

First of all try putting less food for your bird 2tbs is enough for them for each day. Also for your bird's diareah try taking out the water and putting less in. My budgie sneeze's a lot too but nothing is wrong with him your budgie is sneezing because all of us needs to sneeze once in a while or every now and then. Anyway's your budgie has normal behaviour and I had the same thing happen to me before I did those steps and he was fine. I have had budgies for almost my whole life maybe for like 15-16 years. Sorry for this short paragraph and I hope this helped.

Jan 07, 2009
Sick budgie needs vet
by: Tracie

You need to take both birds to an avian vet. I know you said you didn't have the money, but nobody can help your bird without tests being run to find out what needs to be done.

Can you take your bird back to where you purchased it? Maybe they would be willing to pay for a vet visit, because it is likely that the other birds they have might be sick also.

I am concerned for your other bird also, if the sick bird is contageous.

It is best to purchase birds from a reputable breeder that gives you a health certificate when you buy from them. Then you need to keep the new bird separated from you other birds for 30 days in a different room.

You can keep the bird in a partially covered cage with a heating pad on top to keep it warm. Also, make sure you are feeding the bird 80% healthy pellets like Harrison's and 20% healthy treats.

Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article if you need help with getting your bird to eat pellets.

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