Help, I dont know what to do with my green cheek conure

by neryida
(Lake Elsinore)

I bought a green cheek conure who was really friendly when I first got him. He let us pick him up and hold him, but recently, he became very mean. He attacks us when we approach his cage, we can't even open his door, or take his trays out to feed him.

He flies off his cage anytime we leave the house, so when we come home he's usually walking around on the floor. When I pick him up, he jumps on my finger and climbs on my shoulder, but as soon as he gets up he starts biting me. I need help, what's wrong with him? How can I get my nice bird back?

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Apr 10, 2012
Help with green cheek conure
by: Anonymous

Never leave the bird out of the cage when you leave. Ever. I agree with Tracie, you're not setting boundries. So the bird has gone feral, and now thinks he's the boss.

I never allow my birds out of the cage if there is not someone in the room the whole time. If we happen to leave the room, the birds either come WITH us, or is put safely back in the cage.

When the birds are allowed out of thier cages, I never just open the door and walk away. I always put my hand in and offer them to come out. If htey choose not to step up, then they don't come out. So the door is shut and I try again 10 min later.

Even if I just want my birds to sit on top of their cages on the play area, I still offer my hand, and then put them up there myself. This shows the bird I am in control of it's daily activies. I never allow my birds to leave their cages intially on their own. Once I pull them out and put them on the play tops of cages, they can then come and go inside or outside of their cages on thier own.

One of my birds is trained, that when I say "go Home" she will go back in her cage at my request.
I would suggest you do the same. You need to establish structure and authority. Training your bird is a great idea as well. There's a link to the side to help you learn to train your bird.

I use a dog clicker with treats. There's also training videos on Youtube.
My birds not only talk, but can do tricks on command. My 9 months old just learned to successfully turn circles, and to give a high 5.

Even simple training, of tricks will show your bird whose in control, you.

Hope this helps! And never leave him out when you leave!!! ever. And clip his wings to prevent flight injuries.

Apr 09, 2012
Conure biting now
by: Tracie

There are several things going on here.

First, you can NOT leave your bird unattended outside it's cage when you are not home unless you have the cage in a bird safe room made specifically for the bird. You may come home to a dead bird that chewed something toxic or got trapped somewhere the way you are doing it now.

Buy allowing your bird free reign in the home, you are not setting boundaries for your bird. Your bird thinks it is boss and you have no way to show disapproval or reward your bird.

Many birds, especially conures, become different birds when they reach maturity. Our birds went from loving me to hating me when they hit about 6 months old. Please read the biting green cheek conure article on our Parrot Training page for information on how we stopped them from biting me.

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