Help my Cockatiel dry skin

by Tonya
(New York)

My cockatiel has very dry skin and pick at her feathers a lot. I switched her food to Brown's Tropical Carnival blend which seemed to help a little, however she will only eat the seeds and waste the rest, which isn't helping her skin. I've tried pellets but she will only eat seeds and I'm worried about her nutritional deficiencies. What should I do?

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Jan 29, 2014
Cockatiel with dry skin
by: Tracie

It may be a combination of nutrition and needing more humidity in the air. Adding avix Sunshine Factor to the diet would be beneficial also.

The bird will only eat seeds in a mix, if you feed seeds with the pellets. You need to NOT give the bird seeds until the afternoon, to encourage it to eat the pellets. In fact, if you have SEEN the bird eat pellets, then you KNOW that it will not starve if pellets are the only offering until evening.

Here are two articles for converting your bird to pellets. Even though the second one is geared toward parakeets, it works for other breeds also.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Switching Budgies To Pellets article

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