HELP! My female? senegal parrot dosent like my boyfriend

by Tara
(Baltimore, MD)

My senegal parrot is 9 months old I've had her since she was almost 4 months old. Before I brought her home for 2 months I would go visit her at the petstore for an hour every day. When I brought her home she was comfortable with anyone and everyone petting and holding her. But after a month of being home that changed.

I have a few ideas why I am her general care giver I play with her on a daily basis she and I have a daily ruetune and I believe she pair bonded with me. Now she dosent like or trust anyone but me and is very skittish around everyone besides me. She especially dosent like my boyfriend. We live together she sees him every day he talks to her and whistles with her but when she realizes its him whistling she stops.

Does she not like him because she's jealous? I don't know how to fix this problem she has even drawn blood on me because she thought my hand was my boyfriends. Any advice would be great.

Two other things I find strange, I have a poop yowl I put on my shoulder and when she messes I wipe it off the yowl between washing but sometimes I miss some and it dries on the yowl "Baby" (my senegal) will EAT the fried poop. Why is that? She gets veggies daily she is on Harrison's bird food and she eats well. Lastly when I take her in the shower she dosent really try to bath she just drinks A LOT of water and then throws it up. She only over drinks in the shower why is that? Thank you for any advice you can give me. -Tara

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Nov 11, 2009
little help
by: Anonymous

my senegal formed an "instant" attachement with me instead of my husband. She is so wonderfully affectionate and we we work with her daily, a little at a time. We do not know whether she is male or female be we love her all the same. Even little parrots need time to adjust to their hormones!

Nov 11, 2009
dosent like my boyfriend
by: Linda

Tara, thanks for writing, and the problem is with you, not your bird. You have not let anyone else feed, water and/or clean cage, so you are the only one she is used to doing that. Let your boyfriend feed her, change her water and clean her cage several times a week, and you will probably see a change in her behavior.

Birds also have perferences and birds of one sex will normally bond with the human of the opposite sex. Are you sure this is a female? That does not have to make so much difference if you will allow someone else to help you take care of her. You are setting her up for disaster if she ever has to be left at a bird boarding facility where strangers will be taking care of her. Teach your bird about being more open to others' helping in taking care of her, and she will respond in kind.

Keep her OUT OF THE SHOWER AND OUT OF THE BATHROOM. Bathrooms are nasty places, with chemical smells which are very dangerous for birds, and birds do not need to be in the shower. You can give her a shower by using a plastic plant sprayer with warmed, not hot, water in it. It also cleans the cage, toys and perches at the same time, and all you need do is to wipe them down when you're done. Do not get her too wet, like soaking wet, in the winter. A nice shower to clean her nose holes out, clean her feet and get some dust off her is enough in the winter.

You do not mean to, but you are spoiling your bird, so that very soon, she will bite other people much harder and no one but you will be able to handle the bird. Put some variety in bird's life and allow your boyfriend to help with the bird chores so she also sees him as a good guy and not just you. If he does not want to do any of the feeding, watering and cleaning, then he will continue to get bit, and it will get much, much worse. So, see if he would be willing to help with the bird chores, and your bird will begin to bond with him as well--not right away, and in time. Birds don't change overnight, and they will change if you work on it.

Thanksfor writing and please keep your bird out of the bathroom and the shower.


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