Help! My parakeets won't stop laying eggs!

by Emily

I'm desperate. I have 8 parakeets, 3 boys and 5 girls. They are in separate cages next to each other. For the last month, 2 of the females have been laying eggs. First one layed about 6, once a day, then the second layed about 6, now the first one layed another one last night. They have also been visciously fighting each other. These birds are all siblings and have lived together since birth, which was over 2 years ago, and we've never had a fighting problem until a few months ago.

I've tried separating the problem bird but I feel bad because she seems lonely. I'm at my wit's end with this. The mother to all these birds died at the young age of 4, from what I assume was overbreeding, so I'm really worried that, even though these are unfertilized, if they don't stop laying eggs they will die too.

I'm going crazy because I don't want them to die and I don't know how to get them to stop laying eggs. Please help!

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Jul 23, 2012
Additional info
by: Emily

I forgot to include that the birds are all on Harrison's adult lifetime formula and they get a little bit of dr Harvey's parakeet seed mix at night for a great and a bit of millet in the morning. Also, neither bird has shown any interest in sitting with the eggs. I tried putting them In a little bowl with care fresh but they were ignored.

Jul 22, 2012
Parakeets continuing to lay eggs
by: Tracie

Please read our Chronic Egg Laying article written by an avian vet for help with this issue.

As long as your birds are eating a high quality pellet diet, you will not have to worry about egg binding. Budgies should have fewer pellets than other birds and and a little more seeds, so for them it is 70% pellets and 30% treats (no more than 10% seeds). Feeding Harrison's or Roudybush will keep the birds from becoming egg bound.

You will have to separate the birds that fight, as you already have noted. You can try limiting the amount of daylight hours, to imitate winter and see if that helps. That may be difficult with so many birds though. For us, it is just a matter of putting our bird in our travel cage and place her in a dark room every evening.

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