Help my two masked lovebirds died!!

by Merrilee

I'm so upset and I want to know what was wrong..
Firstly my lovebirds were young like 4-8 yrs old.
My male lovebird (bluey)died Wed 8 Jan then the female (Angel)died Fri 10 Jan.
The male was in his box alot but came out to eat and sometimes stay out a while to snuggle with Angel. I thought he was old as he was in bed alot and his blue feathers changed white around his beak which I thought was like grey hair..but a vet told me they live until 15.
I did give alot of grey stripe seeds and millet seed which they ate alot. I occasionally gave corn, spinach..but not before they died. I did sprinkle the yellow powder stuff (the one for lorikeets that is mixed with water) throughout their seed but without water.
They do tear up newspaper and put into their water which I was concerned about and I could only change water after a long day at work.
They were both fine cuddling, chirping to music, swinging on the swing and didnt act sick then it was sudden. I saw both of them die. They couldn't stand up then flew/fell to bottom of cage they looked like they couldnt breath and they were gone in 5-10mins.
Please any advice would help!

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Jul 17, 2009
Lovebirds died
by: Tracie

Yes, a gas heater can kill your birds if it leaks gas. If it is possible where you live, purchase a gas leak detector that will sound an alarm when it detects gas in the air.

Jul 17, 2009
mummy's lovebirds
by: Merrilee- bird owner

Thanku for yr input!
I meant to put July 8 and 10th 2009.
Could a gas heater effect the birds?

Jul 13, 2009
Sorry for Your Loss
by: Linda

We are all sorry for your loss, and before you get anymore birds, you will need to figure out what could have happened. Since they died within days of each other, both died of the same thing most likely.

The diet you were feeding them was almost completely devoid of nutrition. Birds need to be eating a high quality pelleted diet along with organic dark yellow, orange and green veggies. Spinich is recommended in only small amounts infrequently as it can interfere with calcium absorption if given too often and in too large quantities.

As Tracie mentioned, there are many things in homes that can kill birds. Perfume and after shave, hairspray, fingernail polish and remover. toxic cleaning chemicals. You need to read the article Tracie pointed out and go from there.

Before acquiring any more birds, do a complete home check and understand bird's basic nutrition needs. Some birds do not live as long as they could because of poor diet. Eventually, their hearts, livers and kidneys just give up from all the bad food. An all seed diet is high in fat and low in everything else birds need to be healthy.

Again, sorry for your loss, and you can find some good books out here and elsewhere on the internet about basic bird care plus a list of toxic chemicals that can hurt or kill birds. Do your homework before bringing any other birds into your home.


Jul 13, 2009
Birds died
by: Tracie

I am very sorry to hear about your birds dying earlier this year.

Since they died so long ago, it is not possible for them to be tested to see why they died. Dr. B can not tell you why your birds died and nobody else can either. I am very sorry.

It sounds like it was something they either ate or breathed from what you described. There are soooo many things that can kill a bird.

If you have anything with Teflon on it, like an iron, ironing board cover, toaster oven, self cleaning oven, etc. then it is possible that they died from the toxic gas that this can produce.

Air fresheners, chemical cleaners, hair spray, paint fumes and many other things can also kill birds. It is just too hard to tell you what could have happened.

We do have a Non Toxic - Toxic list for birds that you can look at for future reference.

I would also like to suggest that you purchase a Lixit water bottle for any future birds so that they will not drink bacteria laden water.

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