Help on Lutino ring neck parrot...

by Amitava

I got a bird from a person & the bird seems to be in problem.The bird looks extremely fit with bright eyes. the bird has lost his tail due to being caged in a v small cage with other birds for business,the bird is sitting on the branch in d cage with the different body seems to lean forward with wings dropped...
I live in a city in India & we don't have a single Avian vet in the city.Any advise or medicines suggested on how to go forward will be appreciated.

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Aug 06, 2013
Help on Lutino ring neck parrot...
by: Linda

Birds coming from pet shops worldwide are usually sick when they're bought. This is caused by having so many birds caged together or in close proximity in these shops.

Until your bird is diagnosed by an Avian Vet, you can give no medications because until there is a diagnosis, you will make bird sicker by giving it the wrong medication. You may wish to try a good dog and cat vet, and PLEASE BE SURE AND INFORM THEM THAT THERE CAN BE NO OVERDOSES OF MEDS BECAUSE BIRDS HAVE NO FAT, HOLLOW BONES AND OVERDOSES ARE PROCESSED BY THE LIVER which can cause liver damage or failure.

I usually do not suggest dog and cat vets for birds, but in this case, it may be better than nothing. Have them check for bacterial infections. An anal check is usually done, and a throat swab is the best way to check for bacterial infections. If vet is not familiar with handling birds, bird can be killed by rough handling, so be present for any and all procedures. Bring a fresh stool sample in to cut down on possibility of bird being killed with incorrect handling. Bird will need to be weighed and meds given EXACTLY for that weight to keep from over-dosing. You may also ask vet if they know of an Avian Vet within driving distance as this would be better for your bird.

Let us know if you find help for your bird.


Aug 06, 2013
Unwell parrot
by: Alex

The bird obviously was not living in satisfactory conditions.

The conditions described and body language both point to a possible illness.

If you cannot get to an avian vet in a city within driving distance, then you at least need to see a regular vet who may be able to help.

No help is worse than help from a regular vet.

Do you know any reputable breeders who may be able to advise you as to who they see about their birds.

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