help?! parakeet nose

by madi

what does it mean when my parakeets nose above has been losing color and scaleing

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Jan 18, 2012
Cere peeling and losing color
by: The Avian Vet

This could be a normal change, especially if this is a female. It could also be mites, or nutritional deficiencies. I recommend that you have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Jan 14, 2012
help?! parakeet nose
by: Linda

It can mean many things. A baby Budgie's cere is Blue for Females and Purpleish for Males. When they begin maturing, the hen's cere starts turning a light to dark tan, and the male's starts to get to be blue. Growing causes some scaling of the cere and beak.

If this is very pronounced, please take both your birds to an Avian Vet only to see what could be wrong. It could be a parasite or an infection, and no one can tell you which one. You have to take your birds to an Avian Vet in your driving area so they can tell you what is or is not going on.Take both birds because whatever one has, the other has it too.


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