Help regarding Budgies ..

by Junaid
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Hello, I'm facing a strange kind of diesease in my budgies, mostly my male parrot's are getting affected, they start loose dropping with light green in colour and looks in pain with sitting at the corner of the cage only in some case they fluff there feather otherwise if you try to catch the birds it's healthy and eating well too.

I have tried treating it with ND and Salmoneia Bacteria medicine and Food poisioning medicine as per VET advice but no use .. and my VET doctor also can't understand what's the problem with it ... You'r help will highly be appreciated

Best Regards
Junaid Baloch

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Dec 21, 2011
Budgie illness or disease
by: The Avian Vet

You need to have diagnostics done to determine the disease process. Blood work, fecal exams, x-rays, and necropsy (animal autopsy) on the dead ones.

These symptoms you describe can be caused from not eating, bacterial infection, viral infection, nutritional problems, parasites, and many other etiologies.

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Dr B

Editor's note: Dr B answered this before the original poster gave her results, I just didn't get it posted first.

Dec 19, 2011
Budgie ..
by: Junaid

Thnx Linda for your Response ...
I had Lab Tested 2 of my dead budgie males ... One's death was of ND and the second one of Cocci ... actually we have don't have Good VET's around mostly all of them are of Poultry .....

Dec 19, 2011
Help regarding Budgies ..
by: Linda

Your birds are very sick and dying from an infection. You can take birds ONLY to an Avian Vet as dog and cat vets do not know how to diagnose and treat birds. The meds you have given may actually finish killing them because until you know what kind of infection they have, it cannot be treated.

I'm very sorry for your losses because all your birds will die from infections left undiagnosed and untreated.

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