help training parrot

i have a green indian parrot couple they are wild and always fight male got red ring but they are very aggresive towars human aswell as with each others.male always bite female and female looks a little affraid.please help me how to train them and how to make them friends

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Jul 06, 2013
Just feed them and say good things to them!
by: Sultana Zamani

I am from India, and I too have a male ring necked
parrot and a female. The male is around 17 years old and the female is 7 years old. They have a cage and only go in at night or when we are not at home.
They are left free during the day, and they are also not trained to come to us, but they are very loving and caring and understand everything we say and they made us understand what they want to say.
We give them everything to eat, fruits, seeds, vegetables, cooked rice, soaked jowar and bajra and the male is very fond of eating anything that is sweet, like custard, kheer etc. They fight but are also very caring towards each other and the male is very protective of the female. The female is very fond of my husband and the male is fond of me. Now that we have them for so many years, I feel we are their pets, they don't talk, but they make us understand what they want. They know exactly when we are sleeping and they are very quiet and they want me the tell them stories everyday, and they listen very attentively. So just give them love and see that they are well fed. They love to take a bath under the shower and they are like our children. So please be patient and just give them love and attention. Hope this information will be of good help to you.

Jul 06, 2013
aggressive parrot
by: Alex

You cannot MAKE birds get on. They may well get on after some time, or they may never get on.

Jul 05, 2013
Help training birds
by: Tracie

Keep the separated as long as they do not get along. Don't put them in the same cage unless they choose to live together.

For training help, visit our Parrot Training page and work on developing a relationship of trust. Don't do anything to scare the birds or make them mad. Learn their body language, so you can back off when they don't want you do do something you are attempting to do.

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