Help! Why did my two lovebirds die?!

by Merrilee

They were acting normal.. tweeting, eating, sleeping happy etc and then they both died suddenly 2 days apart.
Here's some info that may help with the cause..
I gave them mixed seed to eat and the only diffrnt thing I did was gave them stems of millet seed to eat and they ate alot..also a bell of sunflower seeds and they were all stuck together somehow...also I mixed the yellow nectar powder 4lorikeets in their mixed seed.
We had a gas heater on when home during ngt and switched it off at ngt.. I did get very cold at nght so I rugged the cage up in towels and they slept 2ghtr in their breeding box.
Their water was dirty when I got hme (I'm gone 12hrs a day) and I'd find ripped up newpaper, some feathers-as the male often bathed in it and maybe a dropping.
They both went when I was home I saw them acting fine then not being able to stand uprgt and fly to bottom of cage and beak open and close struggling to breathe :(
then dead in 10-15mins the boy went then 2days later the girl and she was acting normal- tweeting to music,swinging on the swing.
The are indoor birds but on wkends I wheel the lrg cage out so they r happy to chat to lorikeets who land on top of cage somtmes.
Pls help! What happened? Thanku

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Apr 19, 2018
My lovebird just died.
by: Anonymous

I just bought my lovebird 8 days ago and I was told he was younger than 1 year. He was so happy in his new big cage and I bought him a few toys. He loved them and seemed very happy and healthy. I was watching him and left the room for about 30 min. When I went back in the room he was laying in his food dish dead. I was shocked. I'm so sad even though I only had him a week.

Editor's note: I'm sorry for your loss. Please investigate if you had something toxic in the cage or in the air.

Apr 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

When I had two lovebirds, they both were very happy to be together because they were siblings and bonded a bunch... about five days after I got them, one died due to drowning and I was really sad...then after that, I discovered my other lovebird dead for no reason. It was in its little house it goes to when its scared. They had nothing wrong with them. What happened to lovebird 2?

Jan 08, 2018
by: Anonymous

Why our love birds suddenly die,is it because its raining everyday and cause of colds for them?we put them at the roof top,every morning i always visit them to check if have enough food to eat and change water,but yesterday morning i find out they are sad😢😢😢😢

Aug 02, 2017
Sudden death of love bird
by: Anonymous

Woke up Sunday morning to one of the birds dead in bottom of cage,the other was seemingly weak so i took it outside for fresh air it seemed to rejuvenate a bit.Taking no chances i took her to the vet on the ride there it continuously started to get stronger to the point we had to be careful it didn't get away. Made it to clinic where again we had to restrict it from trying to get off table. So dr gave it some kind of glucosamine solution and within 2 seconds it started seizing and died instantly terrible for me and my son to watch. The only thing different in their surroundings the night before was a strong smell of broccoli my wife cooked in microwave and i noticed the cage was not far from AC which never gets terribly cold .Any ideas?

Jun 23, 2017
My two lovebirds died
by: Anonymous

I got my lovebirds three weeks ago and I did like a TON of research. I spend time with them feed them clean them. But one day one my yellow lovebirds died suddenly. She was only a few months old ;( And the other one which was the green one was devastated, he did eat and drink. But later did you know a week later he died of heartbreak.
I don't know what I did wrong but they seem healthy. Those two lovebirds were only a few months old!
I used to have four birds, two lovebirds and two parakeets in a separate cage since the lovebirds and the parakeets didn't go well together so I put a separate cage for them.
But as you may know, the two lovebirds died so I left with my two parakeets ( Shyla and Carson)
I am super sad that both my two beloved lovebirds all died. And I am teaching both of my parakeets to step up and they did! I hope I raise them better and healthier. Carson even know how to talk! I got my two parakeets about a month ago

Apr 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

If one of your love birds died the second one probably died of heartbreak. If one dies or the two are separated for a long time they can miss one another so much that the will die of heartbreak.

Jan 30, 2017
by: Anonymous

My 4 lovebirds die one after one they act normally eat properly both were very happy and play with toy i could recognise any simtumous except last bird he was bleeding on there neck line but over cage no sharp thing and he was alone in cage please tell me why they both were die?

Oct 19, 2016
why do love birds die
by: neha

My two love birds have died and dont no why they just start swelling and after that 15 /10 min later they just die why do de swell is all i want to know

Aug 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

My lovebird just passed away just yesterday. I have no idea what happened either. He was normal and did everything he normally did and was happy. My wife came home from her job as I was away at my job and found him dead at the bottom of his cage. We are at a loss because we have no idea what happened.

Jun 15, 2015
Bobbi :(
by: Anonymous

My love bird Bobbi just died on Saturday, she was a rescue from another persons house and we got told she was 3 at the time. If that was true then she died at the age of 6.5, I'm starting to think they lied about her age because she was acting fine, went lethargic took her to the vet and they said she was healthy, and she died through the night...

Jan 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

My lovebird just died today... I want him back... It was lively and happy an hour ago, which my maid told me, and when i got back home 30mins later, I saw him lying on the floor with eyes closed. He is hero. Though he was always bullied by the other lovebird back then, he still endured it and kept being the other bird's older brother, preening him until he is satisfied with it. May God bless him and lead him to God's country.

Jul 05, 2014
my bumba
by: Anonymous

I had bought my love birds at one month before, one name is bumba another one is boombaloo, this one month i always play with them, today bumba gone away from me. I can't tolerate its absence... I need my bumba back...

Nov 04, 2012
My love birds
by: Anonymous

My two love birds died today im vry sad abt tat beca i bought it before 5 years was happy and healthy oly but thing is from last 5 months construction works are gng around and inside of my home..due too heavy noise and pollution created its death ah..?then another thing some of them filled both of pot wit water so i couldn go inside of pot..wat is the exact reason for my lose

Jan 08, 2012
by: Arusha

there must be a reason or two you might not be knowing this hppened with me also

Nov 10, 2010
one or two
by: Christina

I had two lovebirds and last week the female suddenly die. she was forever laying eggs and they never hatched she chuck them out then lay more the only thing i noticed is that she was looking a bit thin I buy the best seed and they get fresh veggies every other day. Now i don't know what to do with the male he seems to be happy eating and chirping should i get another love bird or just leave him on his own hes 2 years old. i did think maybe i could put in a different kind of bird like a cocktail please advise

Editor's note: You asked a question as an answer to another person's question. Please post your questions as new questions under Parrot Questions.

Aug 11, 2009
Bird Deaths
by: maddie

i know how you must be feeling, its hard to lose a friend. and i have just experienced it with my but... i must admit i dont know what could have happened to your bird(s)
But i have a question. how could MY bird have died? I found him on the bottom of his cage dead and feathers were everywhere. His cage has vet approved toys and has a roof cover and a shield from the cold.He has been healthy all the time and we were very close. He had fresh food and water.
Again im sorry you lost your friends.

Jul 20, 2009
lovebird owner
by: Merrilee

Sorry I didnt think the other one I typed had gone thru as i lost connection during my send.
Wow thanx Linda u r on the ball all yr answers sound rgt!

Jul 17, 2009
by: Linda

First of all, please accept our heartfelt sympathies for your loss. It is not easy to lose pets to old age, and much harder to lose younger ones (been there, done that!).

Unfortunately, it sounds like your birds were either gassed or poisoned another way.

Death with no symptoms is usually from a gas leak in the house or, if hen had laid eggs, they can also crack open an egg, eat some of the contents, and die from albumin poisoning. The symptoms of albumin poisoning are quite dramatic in that it affects central nervous system so there are tremers, head bobbing and twisting plus seizures. Death can take a few hours, and is horrible to have to watch. No help will be had when the poison egg fluid is ingested as birds have a very fast metabolism and death is a sure thing with albumin poisoning.

What it sounds like here is that you could have a gas leak in house. You won't even be able to smell it, and it will kill birds and other small pets. Remember when coal miners used to take canaries down into the shafts? When the canary died, it meant they needed to get out of there as there was a natural gas leak. Natural gas in mines and such cannot be smelled or tasted. The gas that is used by cities has a smell put in so people can smell it when there is a substantial leak. If leak is small, you won't smell it.

I recommend you have someone come to your home from the gas company and check everything out inside and where it comes into house from the outside as well. Your birds deaths may very well save your lives, and so were not in vain.

The diet you were feeding was also very bad. All the seeds were not nutritional just full of fat. They do not need any Lorikeet foods added. Just good old pelleted diet using organic pellets, birdy bread and/or organic fresh veggies and a little apple maybe once a week.Tracie carries two organic diets out here and the birdy bread.

When you take birds outside, be sure that other wild birds CANNOT land on uncovered cage top. Use a board or other cover to keep them off the wire of the cage top. Your birds could have contracted some deadly disease from wild birds being near them. Viral and bacterial infections are passed very easily and quickly from bird to bird.

Have your gas lines and appliances checked VERY SOON, PLEASE!!!

Jul 17, 2009
Lovebirds died
by: Tracie

Hello again,

We really are sorry about your birds, but the only way to find out what happened is to take them to a vet soon after they die to be examined.

We answered your question before at this link:

Help my two masked lovebirds died!

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