Help with Indian Ringneck information

by sultana

Hi! I have a male and a female Indian Ringnecks The male is Andy and the female is Chutki (in the Indian language it means "tiny"). What kind of toys would they like to play with. At present they just have a rattler and only Chutki plays with it.

They are both not caged and roam around in the balcony which is their territory. I would like to know about the Ringnecks

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Jun 20, 2012
Indian Ringneck toys
by: Tracie

As Linda said, please look at our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list for wood that is safe for your bird to chew. Birds love to chew wood and many love to chew yucca chips especially.

All birds have different preferences. We had two conures that played with different kinds of toys. One loved anything it could shred and tear to pieces, the other one loved stringy toys it could chew and toys that made noise.

You can get an idea for toys by looking at our Toys for medium to large birds page.

Also, you would be surprised how many people purchase birds at a flea market and have NO clue how to keep them safe. They allow them to walk on the floor, fly free in their homes with cats and dogs. Then they write us because their bird chewed something toxic, was attacked by the dog that it played with for years etc.

Jun 19, 2012
My Parrots are safe
by: Sultana Zamani

Dear Linda,

I have Andy since 18 yrs and Chutki since 8 years. When I mean a balcony it is definitely an extended open area of the house. But since I want my parrots to feel free and not caged I have enclosed it and with windows and they are safe from other birds. Yes, they do have a cage but they only perch on their cage and at night they go in their cage and I bring them indoors and cover them. When people keep pets they also know how to keep them safe.

My question was just what kind of toys would be good for them. Since they are very attached to us, they want our attention all the time, which is not possible so I thought a few toys could keep them busy and happy and we could be free too.


Jun 19, 2012
Help with Indian Ringneck information
by: Linda

First of all I don't understand "the balcony". Is this a closed in and safe area for them? If they are being left outside, they will get sick from contact with wild birds and could end up being a meal for a predator either bird or a four legged one.

All parrots like to chew on safe wood toys, and there is a safe wood and plant list here you may want to look at. If you are leaving your birds to roam outside, they will not last very long, so is a mute point anyway. All parrots have to be caged in safe and roomy cages for their own safety. At night, they need to be inside the house and during the day, they need a protected, covered, closed in area that is safe from wild birds and other wild animals who all carry a variety of diseases and parasites. They also need yearly exams with an Avian Vet ONLY to make sure they are carrying no infections or disease. Birds who are not kept in safe cages do not live as long as the ones who are caged at least part of the time.


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