Help with new sun conure

by Lana

I just had a bird given to me that i believe is a sun conure. I am basing my beliefs on the pictures I've seen on the internet. There is no vet around where i live that deals with birds. Does anyone know how i can make sure this bird is in good health?

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Sep 24, 2009
Avian Vet
by: Linda

There is a link on the left side of this page for Find an Avian Vet., so you need to use it and find one in your area somewhere. You may have to drive a ways, and your bird absolutely has to have access to an Avian Vet. He needs to see one right away as he could be harboring infections and/or parasties. At any rate, use the link and try and find one close enough to drive to.

We only have two in our area and one of them is very far away in another state. We use the one closer to us, but for anything major would have to drive to the other one.

So, use the link on this site and put in your information and see what comes up. To have a bird means having access to an Avian vet when you need one, and you never know when that will be plus birds need to go in for a checkup at least once a year and more often if beak and nails need trimming. NEVER TRY AND TRIM A BIRD'S BEAK AS THEY CAN BLEED TO DEATH. YOU WILL NEED INSTRUCTION TO CUT TOENAILS AS WELL, SO PLEASE FIND A VET WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE.


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