HELP young African Grey doesn't like anyone but me

by Lu

I have a 3 and 1/2 month old African Grey which is absolutely beautiful to me I can do anything with him. I can't even walk out in to the kitchen when he is out of the cage with out him flying out after me.

My 16 yr son has spent every evening with us since he came home and gives him his evening meal and all the nice treats so he knows he only gets them from him. But it makes no difference he still bites my son. He is like this with everyone except me he will growl at anyone who gets to close to him.

I have only allowed 3 people to come into the house since he came so it isn't to much for him but he just hates everyone. My son is been really good about getting bitten and not making any noise and trys not to react to the bite. The funny thing is when he is in his cage and my son is in the room alone(I am usually in the kitchen) My son will talk to him and the bird trys to copy him and will actually say "hello" and "what you doing" to him, he just coos and chirps at me. What can we do to improve their relationship. Please help

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Aug 18, 2012
help needed please.
by: Anonymous

Hiya I have an African grey I think he is a he. I have had him for almost a year hes great with me follows me everywhere he gets out of his cage every night for hours. The problem Im having is has just started, he was in my room when I first got him and the last few mouths I have moved him to the living room so he can be around the family or visitors when im at work through the day. He has always perferred ladys and will go to men if they dont try to touch him but in the last few weeks he want to bite everyone that wants to touch him even people he was nice to before its only me that he is fine with I dont know why he has changed he will still fly to people but will bite if they try to touch him. He is still very young about a year old I got him when he was just weaned he was hand reared. Thanks any advice to help him like people again would be great.

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Mar 30, 2012
HELP young African Grey doesn't like anyone but me
by: Linda

Parrots are very different from dogs, cats and many other pets. It takes them a long time to trust a new person, and if introduced to a lot of new people, bird will show its fear by biting and attacking. There is nothing to be done here except keep bird in cage and away from company until he gets used to them. As for your son, he is doing everything right, and if he is only occasionally at your home, it will take twice as long to become real friends with the parrot.

Trust is earned not freely given with parrots, and since they are prey animals in the wild, they have a distinct distrust of new people no matter how good they are to them. It takes time and lots of patience, so don't lose hope. As for the biting, your son is very wise to not pull away from the bird. The normal reaction to a bite is to jerk back which is a reflex action. When people jerk back from a parrot's bite, the bird holds on harder, and the bite becomes a tear which is very painful and avoidable by moving gently into the bird which helps them to let go because they are expecting the jerk back action. Your son seems to be very good with parrots, and give him assurances that this will stop at some point. Now, when bird bites him, have him say NO in a firm tone of voice and put bird back in cage. Then your son needs to walk away and busy himself with something else and ignore bird for a while. Since birds learn by repetition just like other pets, he will eventually get the idea that he's going to be left alone in cage until he can see his way clear to NOT bite your son.

Keep us posted on how this is going, and do not lose faith that all will be well eventually. Parrots have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children meaning they need kind and firm direction and training to become good birdy citizens in our homes. The fact is, they remain at this place in their development, so no matter how old they are, they are always going to act like small children. This is something to keep in mind when working with them. Also, feed NO human food either because they need wholesome organic pellets, a little fruit and veggies to be healthy. Human food has lots of fat, salt and sugar which kills parrots. Since the birds are like small children, they will eat any and everything they are given, so it's our jobs to make sure what goes into them is healthy and wholesome.

Thanks for writing,

Mar 30, 2012
African Grey biting
by: SME

I too would like to know the answer to that, we have the same type of problem with our Grey!

Mar 30, 2012
Young bird needing training
by: Tracie

This is the perfect time to start training your bird. Since it prefers you, you can help the bird accept other people. There is nothing you can do about getting the bird to LIKE other people, but you can help the bird not bite others.

Please read some of the training articles on our Parrot Training page. For sure read out biting green cheek conure article, because it tells how my husband trained our bird to stop biting me.

Mar 30, 2012
by: Prashant

And if the "Circle" trick process Fails, ignore him whenever he tries to bite your friend or son. Just all of the people including you, leave the room in which the bird is, close the door, and don't come back in for 20 or 30 minutes continue this until he stops his behavior. The biting is due to the thought of possession of you by the bird. So leaving the room will do.
Age-15 Years Old

Mar 30, 2012
Train the Bird
by: Prashant

If the bird doesn't like anyone, just train him/her a trick! A simple trick like "Circle" would be good. Give treats after each trick...
after training, introduce some people in the room. Say the Word "Circle" to your bird. It will do the trick. Now let the person give a treat to the bird. After 3 or 4 weeks your bird will stop biting others.
How to train:
Take a treat, other than nuts.
Take the treat to one side of your bird ( choose a particular turning, clockwise or anticlockwise).
It will turn to a side, now take the treat to the back, then take the treat from the back to the other side, and to the front.
A complete rotation of the bird is complete. give the treat to him/her now. Do this process till he/she gets trained.
You have to make your bird chase the treat to a full round...
Have a Happy Birdie!

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