Helping our gcc through loss of his flock mate

by Cassie S.

We recently bought two young green cheek conures (9 and 7 months old) from the pet store who came from the same breeder. Both were doing fine until about four days ago. The older girl started acting lethargic, but was eating and drinking and her eyes and nostrils were clear.

Our vet wasn't much help, and left me with more questions than answers. She sadly passed away tonight. While we were holding Fluttershy through her last few hours, Mischief was calling for her first loudly, then soft sweet whistles and chirps. It was him who alerted us that something was wrong, that she was on the floor of her cage struggling to breathe.

How do we help him through this, when we are still establishing our bond? We have only had them for sixteen days. How do we do this without tramatizing him?

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Feb 27, 2012
Bird lost mate
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. Many breeders do not have good breeding practices and just breed for money. If you did not get a certificate of good health with the birds, then they probably have never seen an avian vet and the parents probably have not either.

Please Find an Avian Vet right away to examine the bird still living. It is very possible that the bird that died was ill or had a disease that the other bird has also. If you saw an avian vet, then find another one.

If you purchase more birds, make sure they have been seen by an avian vet before bringing them home. Clean the cage and everything the other bird(s) have been around before putting another bird in the cage. I also suggest you make sure the birds are the same gender, so you don't have problems with the bird breeding.

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