hepatomegaly due to AL intoxicity

by mehdi

my AGP was recowered from AL toxicity but his liver have some degree of enlargement.please help me what i must to do?

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Mar 16, 2010
by: The Avian Vet

I am not familiar with the abbreviation AL, unless you are referring to aluminum, which, I do not think is toxic, so, please tell me what AL is. The liver is a strong organ and will often regenerate if the damage is not too severe. Be sure to give your bird a complete diet of 80% pellets and 20% treats, Harrison's is the best pellet and it can help heal the liver. There are also support medications that can be prescribed by your veterinarian. Exercise can also help, so make your bird fly or flap 2-3 times daily for exercise. Also you need to have regular blood work and x-rays done to follow the progression of the liver changes. And of course remove the source of the Also your bird is not exposed again.

Dr B

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