Here's Billy Boy

by Evelyn Macdonald
(Toronto, Canada)

Our beautiful boy (Sun Conure) is now 8 months old. We hand reared him from 7 weeks old. Like all conures he is such a character. We had never been "bird people" until we got Billy Boy who has changed our lives completely.

When he was a baby and wanted fed he would say "dada" or "dada dick" and fly right onto his feeding area waiting on his pablum being made up( he doesnt speak now ?) but we still love him to pieces.

He gives kisses and snuggles in when its near his bedtime. If I say "where's dada" or "go get dada" he flies right onto my husband's shoulder. We would never clip his wings and he generally flies between the two couches or the chair. He likes to travel on our shoulders and look out the window.

If he tries to nip a bit too hard on the earlobes - I say "no" and he gets the picture. He loves broccoli, green beans and carrots. He loves his nutriberry treats. He likes to nibble on our cookies and gets a sip of our (cold) tea.
I just have to mention "cookies" and he flies right onto my shoulder.

His bedtime is 8 p.m. and he doesnt wake up till after 9 so he is a good sleeper. The only time he gets loud is when he cannot see us in the room but he seems to know the difference if we go outside and only squawks when he hears our key in the door.

This little "person" has changed our lives in so many ways and I cannot express what a delight it is to come home and find him flying over to meet me as I come in from work. Happily my husband is with him during the day so he gets lots of TLC then as well. I forgot to mention he loves getting showered.