He's traveled before but

I have twice taken my parakeet on a 6 hour drive to another state. Now I am moving there permanently and he will have to make the drive again. Every time he has been a very good traveler, but the last time, on the way back, he started to make this strange kind of chirpy noise. Not so much that he was in pain, but like his feet hurt or something. He is 10 years old, and I adore him, but want him to be comfortable. What could that chirpy noise mean?

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Apr 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

my option is that maybe he is in pain or its just the things around him and your car is too stuffy and cold/hot. try giving him some more rooom and toys or playing with him on the way like petting him.

Apr 11, 2010
Bird chirpy noise when traveling
by: Tracie

I am only making a guess here, but our birds make weird noises when they hear a high pitched noise. I wonder if your car had a strange noise that unnerved it?

Apr 10, 2010
He's traveled before but
by: Linda

It could be the perch you have in the travel cage. Birds HAVE TO HAVE natural wood branches THAT ARE MADE FROM SAFE WOOD. They cannot sit on wooden dowels as it hurts their feet. He also needs you to stop every couple of hours and make sure he has some water to drink and time to eat a little something. NO PEOPLE FOOD SNACKS OR HE WILL EITHER BE SICK OR DIE.

Also, if moving permanently to another state, make sure you take up to a week's worth of the water from your present location. You can buy the empty water jugs from the store and fill them up before you leave. Make sure that once you are in new place, you are mixing water at least half and half if not 3/4 old home water and 1/4 new home water. The reason this is IMPORTANT is that your bird can become ill from changing water too abruptly.

ALSO, FIND AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR NEW PLACE AND TAKE HIM IN FOR AN EXAM AS SOON AS YOU HAVE TIME TO DO SO AFTER MOVE. Birds being moved around are more prone to develop bacterial infections, and those moving to another state and climate are far more likely to end up sick at the end of the trip or directly after.

Make sure the travel cage is roomy enough for him to be able to stretch his wings out fully without hitting something and that he is sitting on a natural wood branch instead of a wooden dowel.

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