Beautiful Hexagon Bird Cage for Perfect Small to Medium Birds

Hexagon Bird Cage

Hexagon Bird Cage

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Hexagon Bird Cage

Non-Toxic Powder Coated and Bird Safe!

Exterior Dimensions: 27"x30"x69"
Canopy Width: 39.5"
Inside: H 36.5 x W 30.5
Door: 13.5 x 16.25
Side Panels: 15.25 x 37.25
Body Height: 40"
Cage Bottom to Floor: 19"
Bar Spacing: 5/8 "
Bar Thickness: 4mm

Features: Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
Slide out metal grill & plastic tray
Large main door
multiple swing out feeder doors
Complete with perch and dishes
3 Interior Perches
2 4" Stainless dishes
Bottom Shelf just above casters
6 easy rolling casters

Great for:
Conures; Jenday, Sun, Nanday, Green Cheeked, etc.
Senegal, Meyers

Fine for:
African Greys
Cockatoos (small); Goffins, Lesser Sulfer, Major Mitchell, etc.

Approx Weight: 78.00 lb. / Each

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