Beautiful Hexagon Bird Cage for Perfect Small to Medium Birds

FREE SHIPPING on our Hexagon Bird Cage that is Powder Coated for Easy Clean Up (The picture below is an older picture. The cage now comes with 4" stainless bowls with swing out doors.

Hexagon Bird Cage

Hexagon Bird Cage
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Hexagon Bird Cage

Non-Toxic Powder Coated and Bird Safe!

Exterior Dimensions: 27"x30"x69"
Canopy Width: 39.5"
Inside: H 36.5 x W 30.5
Door: 13.5 x 16.25
Side Panels: 15.25 x 37.25
Body Height: 40"
Cage Bottom to Floor: 19"
Bar Spacing: 5/8 "
Bar Thickness: 4mm

Features: Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
Slide out metal grill & plastic tray
Large main door
multiple swing out feeder doors
Complete with perch and dishes
3 Interior Perches
2 4" Stainless dishes
Bottom Shelf just above casters
6 easy rolling casters

Great for:
Conures; Jenday, Sun, Nanday, Green Cheeked, etc.
Senegal, Meyers

Fine for:
African Greys
Cockatoos (small); Goffins, Lesser Sulfer, Major Mitchell, etc.

Approx Weight: 78.00 lb. / Each

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