Hiccup sound

by Cindy
(Long Island, NY )

My african grey keeps making a constant hiccup sound for the past few weeks. Is he seeking attention or is he possible sick? We've had him for about 5-yrs. and he was 9-months old when we got him. He was just recently at the Vet. for his grooming (nails, beak, wings) and I forgot to ask the Vet. what he thought it might be.

I don't mean to sound mean, but the noise can become very annoying. It's like a person who keeps rocking on a squeeky chair.. you would ask them to stop doing it.. but you can't ask the bird to stop making the noise. Thank you for any help or advice you can offer. :)

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Aug 04, 2011
African Grey making hiccup sound
by: Tracie

You might want to call the vet, since you were just there and your bird has already been examined.

We have a budgie that once picked up on our answering machine getting stuck while we were gone. It took about a year for that bird to quit making that irritating noise. :-/

It did, however, start making the noise less once we started working on rewarding it for another noise that we preferred. :-)

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that might help you if you are not familiar with teaching your bird an alternate behavior.

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