Hispaniolan Amazon

by Scots001
(Florida USA)

Enjoying the sunshine <br> Hispaniolan Amazon Picture

Enjoying the sunshine
Hispaniolan Amazon Picture

Hispaniolan Amazon The Smaller Amazon

Meesha is a Hispaniolan Amazon and one of the smaller amazons. Not as colorful as some of the others but big in personality. Her wings are hues of blues, mixed in with reds and greens and very attractive. Her cheeks and crown area are acquiring more blue, almost a navy. Her eyes are solid black.

So far I haven’t been able to count the number of red feathers on her wings but I already know her sex due to the males having the distinct white forehead and the females a more subtle yellowish band. Meesha has the yellowish band. Eventually her beak will be a solid bone color. She is still a youngster.

The lower body and thighs consist mostly of red feathers ( This is referred to as their pantaloons or trousers) and there is that distinct red “dot” on the chest . Unfortunately since I haven’t seen an older mature Hispaniolan I don’t now if it stays as a small dot but one would imagine given maturity it too would become more pronounced adding a bit more color to the chest area creeping up to just under the beak.

As for weight, her average seems to stay around 250 gr and probably in length is somewhere at about 11 inches. Compare a Goffin to a Moluccan would be the same as comparing her to one of the Big 3.

She is loaded with personality and plays non stop… loves to swing on anything hanging , twirls about and bangs up her poor tail feathers and her wings as she plays so hard……

It didn’t take long for her to learn to talk, mimic a cockatoo and sounds so much like the other amazons it is difficult to know which one is talking . When she is spoken to, she listens intently, mesmerized and eager to communicate.

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Jan 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had just noticed the whole of her story was gone.
Tracie fixed it as it was a total blank and I should imagine it happened when the addy of yours was removed. Sorry about that!
I say "she" and not even sure the sex.
I will ask and find out if there are others.
This one is very hormonal at the present time.
They get fiesty, typical amazon.

Nov 27, 2007
Hispaniolan Amazons
by: Mary Jo

Hi Etta, great picture! Meesha looks very happy with her Mona Lisa smile! The Hispaniolans are certainly very unique and full of personality.

Nov 27, 2007
by: jaz

She is very pretty and looks so intelligent..

Nov 27, 2007
How Beautiful!!
by: Amy J

Etta Meesha is so beautiful. I would love to have one just like her. They look like they are really close to their cousin the Pionus don't they? I still miss my baby Spirit Wind.
Thanks for the info on this beautiful species..

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