holding my amazon parrot

how can i make my amazon parrot let me hold him

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Aug 12, 2011
holding my amazon parrot
by: Linda

Your bird will have to be either tamed or trust you before you can handle him. If this is a new bird, then it will take some time for him to settle in.

There are training materials on the Parrot Training page you may wish to take a look at. Start NO training until your bird has been examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area because sick birds feel too bad to be trained. All birds coming from pet stores are already sick with an infection, so don't assume yours is not because he does not show it. Birds hide their illnesses until they are near death which is just the way they are.

Trust takes a while because birds do not freely give their trust, it is earned. You cannot "make" a parrot do anything, as it requires patience, commitment and love to win his trust. You need to read lots of information on what your parrot is like by getting a book or two. Until you understand your bird better, you will be lost.

Never lose your temper with your bird and never, ever use physical force with a bird. Their bones are hollow, and they are much smaller than even the smallest human, so be firm yet gentle. People who use physical force with something as small as a bird are called bullies or monsters and need to be knocked down either physically or legally.

First thing is to take bird to Avian Vet before beginning any kind of training.


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