Hole in my lovebird's beak.

by Ann

My lovebird appears totally healthy but has a small round hole in it's beak. It is possible that it injured itself on some wire toys on the cage.
Do you have any suggestions for it's care?

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May 02, 2009
Hole in bird's beak
by: The Vet

He needs to be examined by an avian veterinarian. This could be an injury, but it could be the early stages of a tumor, or an infection.

Dr B

May 01, 2009
Hole in Beak
by: Anonymous

Firstly, take any wire toys out of cage and keep them out. There are other types of toys much safer for him made using rope or chain. I like cotton rope about 1/4" diameter, and you can put natural wood pieces on this after a hole is drilled to accomodate the rope. Since he is so small, a smaller diameter rope would also work. Use Manzanita or Kiln dried pine or other soft wood for his toys. You can use Apple tree wood, Black Walnut tree wood, just make sure it has been "cured" long enough for it to dry out very well (wait until trees are asleep for the winter before even cutting any branches). The pine would be excellent since he is so little.

You can buy dowels in home improvement stores made from either pine or a hardwood. Don't use plywood as it is made by gluing layers of wood together and you won't know how safe the glue used is. Only use stainless steel chain and/or cotton rope. Don't buy toys made with zinc coated chain as zinc is a powerful poison in birds, and stay away from any toys using small wires in it or with beads too small for your bird's beak. Homemade toys are the best though they don't always look as fancy or colorful as store bought ones. I use Crayola washable paints made for children to put some color onto the wood, and it is safe and non-toxic plus you can add a little color to their toys.

The other suggestion is to take him to vet to see if this is an injury or a type of breakdown happening in the beak. Best of Luck to you both.

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