Hole in Parrot's Skull

by Nicole Hruska
(Des Moines, IA, USA)

i have a male indian ringneck parrot that is approximately 7 years old. the vet scraped away some sebum like material at the site (about pencil eraser) and discovered that the bird had a hole in his skull. the vet was very surprised and curious as she had never seen this before and it did not look like it was caused by trauma. the prognosis is not good for our bird. have you heard or seen anything like this before? otherwise our parrot has always been healthy. when the vet trimmed his beak about six weeks ago she did an over all exam and did not notice any sores so whatever it was, it was fast growing.

i checked pigeon canker on a google search, but have otherwise come up with nothing. any information you might have would be helpful.

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Sep 17, 2011
Hole in parrot's skull
by: The Avian Vet

This could one of any number of things. The possibilities include skin cancer, trauma, infection, or viral disease. You need to have a biopsy done to determine the cause and x-rays to be sure it is not inside the skull.

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