Home Remodeling

by Nettie


We are at some point needing to remodel our kitchen and I have several birds in the next room. I am very concerned about doing anything in the house that might present a toxic situation to my babies.

Removing my birds from the house would not be an option since there is no where for them to go. Moving them to a different part of the house would possible work with some creative thinking. Anyways I'm still concerned as some fumes etc get through the air regardless.

What if any types of paint etc are non toxic to birds? Obviously this would be done if it is in the summer to allow for good ventilation. We have painted in the house before and no problems. Just want to be prepared and not take any chances. Also as far as the doors etc those could be taken downstairs or outside for painting. Thanks

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Mar 06, 2008
Remodeling and painting
by: Pat

Hi! We put our house on the market about a year ago and did some repainting and re-flooring. We kept the birds upstairs, which I know may not be an option but the big thing we found was that we should look for low VOC paint--Sherwin Williams sells some and you can ask about the VOCs at a paint store--it means it doesn't have as much smell and it goes away faster.

We shut the door to the room and put towels under the door. We also opened a window in their room and put a fan in the window facing OUT to draw the paint fumes out. They did great. I read that some folks put a little vanilla in the paint and when that smell was gone, it was safe. But we just found that the low VOC paint dried fast and the smell dissipated quickly.


Mar 03, 2008
Home Remodeling
by: Win

Hi Nettie.
If you are going to remodel. Do move your birds as far away from the dust and such as you can.

I painted this past summer. I moved them to the kitchen when I painted and left the windows open with a fan in it to draw out the fumes. Then 2 days later did the next room and had them back in the living room.

Just move them as far away from the fumes as you can.

To find one that is non toxic to birds. It should say on the can if it is toxic to animals or not.

Mar 03, 2008
Bird safe paint
by: Tracie

Hi Nettie,

I have not had to paint my house, so I really don't have experience but I have read what others have done.

Some people say that you should buy paint that has low fumes and then seal off the bird room completely, and that means don't run the air conditioner or central heat!

I have asked some other people with experience to answer your question, so hopefully more people will help you that really know what they are talking about.

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